20th May 1999 Archive

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  • Unnamed 550MHz chip is a K7

    Anand reckons he'll review it soon

    Business 20 07:21

  • MSN scraps charges in free access u-turn

    Not because it is haemorrhaging members though, oh no

    Business 20 07:29

  • IBM Micro to go Slot One in 1999

    We look for the smoking pistol

    Business 20 07:35

  • AOL chief bizarrely predicts MS trial memory lapse

    AOL's answer to Bill Gates could have trouble remembering the question

    Business 20 07:39

  • Buy my digital nervous systems, Gates tells CEOs

    But it isn't a sales pitch folks, honest...

    Business 20 08:08

  • Oracle NC outfit changes name, plans IPO

    Liberate plans lucrative new life in set-top box arena

    Business 20 08:10

  • Web-via-satellite deal exclusive for Microtronica

    Takes on sole distribution in Europe for BroadLogic

    Business 20 09:57

  • SME resellers given credit boost by Samsung

    Korean giant will underwrite sales to smaller businesses

    Business 20 10:20

  • Compaq filing shows firm on sticky wicket

    Share price down to $26 but company now undervalued

    Business 20 10:25

  • Hitachi unveils DRAM, Flash killer

    Researchers demonstrate new memory technology with very long name

    Business 20 10:32

  • Rock to quit Intel board…

    ...and so he has

    Business 20 10:43

  • Amazon.com files $2 billion cash boost

    Bookstore seeks further funding as losses mount

    Business 20 10:48

  • Burger King chips in with Net access

    But BK Web will be sauce-free

    Business 20 11:07

  • Hyundai-LG Semi – the deal is on

    Whew…that took a while…

    Business 20 11:14

  • US Senate moves to ban bomb info on Web

    Move threatens freedom of information, critics say

    Business 20 11:23

  • Deep Blue MD on trial

    Three months set aside for case starting next month

    Business 20 11:44

  • Database set up to take kids to school

    Government wants to cut number of parents driving children to and from school

    Business 20 11:47

  • Linuxcare opens Linux compatibility lab

    Tech support vendor joins KeyLabs' standardisation efforts

    Business 20 11:47

  • Bomb victims lobby ISPs

    They call for an end to access to bomb-making sites

    Business 20 11:58

  • Russian Merced Killer to achieve 600MHz

    Mini-fab will produce silicon early next year

    Business 20 12:03

  • Linux helping WordPerfect gain against MS Office?

    Prices, amnesties and free downloads may be adding up into a come-back

    Business 20 12:19

  • AOL planning satellite-DSL broadband combo?

    Adding DSL as the return pipe for satellite data could be a winner

    Business 20 12:23

  • Japanese-English Web translator comes on stream

    It could be the answer to all our Happy Cat stories…

    Business 20 12:24

  • European Web market stunted by metered calls

    Latest raft of research calls for call charges to be scrapped

    Business 20 12:27

  • BT makes £136 profit per second

    Number of local calls placed doubles thanks to Web access boom

    Business 20 12:32

  • The Register storms into Web Top 20

    Setting our sites on the Top 10, not half pop-pickers

    Business 20 13:02

  • PR bunnies take it out on their own


    Business 20 15:09