19th May 1999 Archive

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  • Police probe alleged DRAM VAT scam

    VAT fraud widespread across Europe

    Business 19 07:30

  • MS, Xerox ink Windows for copiers deal

    Embed with my toner, apparently...

    Business 19 07:42

  • Compaq asking for 20 per cent across-the-board cuts

    Well, not the board. They've cut 20 per cent of that already

    Business 19 07:53

  • Russian chip makers get to 0.35 micron

    Watch out, Intel, they have designs on you

    Business 19 08:13

  • Hitachi cracks ‘movie on a chip’ memory

    Breakthrough design will store gigs - now over to rotating media for the counter-strike...

    Business 19 09:20

  • Novell to ship NDS for Linux in Q4

    Directory services integrate Linux into Novell networks

    Business 19 09:24

  • Osmosis calls in the administrators

    Owes £5 million

    Business 19 09:35

  • Over 50 years experience in IT PR?

    Dell wants to hear from you

    Business 19 10:43

  • Intel gets paid $5m to set up in Utah

    Give us $5m or we'll go someplace else, says chip behemoth

    Business 19 10:44

  • BT fraud letter outed as a fake

    Register reader brings weight of academic evidence to bear

    Business 19 10:44

  • Virgin boss had a hand in Pamela Anderson’s boob job

    Also plans package holidays in outer space

    Business 19 10:55

  • Dell did bloody well

    Q1 2000 results beat industry averages. Surprise, surprise

    Business 19 11:00

  • Euro slide helps double L&H Q1

    Margins not so wonderful, but speech specialist looks healthy

    Business 19 11:13

  • How sexy do you find Freeserve?

    It's not as strange a question as you might think

    Business 19 11:17

  • 3dfx sales fall 23 per cent

    Q1 98 profit becomes Q1 99 loss

    Business 19 11:20

  • Lycos narrows its losses in Q3

    In wake of shattered merger dreams, things aren't as bad as they might be

    Business 19 11:29

  • US crypto law cover for industrial spookery

    Europe says UK and US steal data to aid home-grown firms. Several Great Satans implicated

    Business 19 12:02

  • Palm VII to be launched on Monday

    Public trials to begin in New York

    Business 19 12:32

  • My chip is bigger than yours

    MHz madness rules notebook market in Germany

    Business 19 12:33

  • Intel to demo Savage 4-based digital display card

    S3's 'by the goolies' partnership with Chipzilla bears fruit

    Business 19 12:51

  • Holy multimedia! Great Satan of Bibles™ sets up on Web

    US website offers multimedia salvation for just six bucks

    Business 19 13:10

  • Fortune 1k CEOs mass for Bill Gates love-in

    And do you know, they all seem to be non-IT CEOs - except for super-trusty Mikey Dell, of course...

    Business 19 13:28

  • Bull research points out e-government failings

    All very well having plans to use the Web, but what if no one knows about it?

    Business 19 14:29

  • UK gov't doesn't know its Es from its elbow

    Select Committee attacks lack of control

    Business 19 14:38

  • Clients not too keen to think thin

    Enterprises like thin clients, but employees resent loss of PCs

    Business 19 15:32

  • Compaq confesses DEC integration isn't working

    SEC filing shows little confidence, so far

    Business 19 15:50

  • Senior industry figure caught in compromising situation

    But we're not showing you the pix yet

    Business 19 16:14

  • Software pirates go straight to gaol

    Counterfeit gang ends up behind bars

    Business 19 16:16

  • Pullan to head up Proxim UK

    Wireless LAN vendor sets up in Oxford

    Business 19 16:36

  • Intel in secret deal with nine mystery companies

    Chipzilla launches new initiative...not many told

    Business 19 16:37