18th May 1999 Archive

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  • X.Org takes over X Windows stewardship

    Sign that Open Group is getting back to basics

    Business 18 07:19

  • Could judge's ‘free OEMs’ suggestion herald MS trial deal?

    Reports point to the kind of settlement that might be made

    Business 18 07:22

  • MS trial opponents allowed to share information

    And Microsoft's move to delay Bristol trial is denied

    Business 18 07:29

  • Heads roll at Compaq Alpha factory

    900 staff gibbeted at Alpha plant

    Business 18 07:30

  • Philips takes 50 per cent slice of LG's LCD biz

    Gets Dutch company out of a CRT hole

    Business 18 07:37

  • CDMA group jostles for position in G3 cellular battle

    Show us your intellectual property, big boy...

    Business 18 07:46

  • France Telecom sues Deutsche Telekom for billions

    Italian merger effectively terminates alliance, says FT

    Business 18 08:49

  • Aplio to launch Linux-based Internet phone

    Company reckons Linux ideal to standardise on

    Business 18 08:51

  • GSM will continue to dominate handset sales

    It's just got too far for CDMA to catch up

    Business 18 09:25

  • MS Office virus could infect without you opening attachment

    If your browser automatically executes a CALL function, then all sorts of horrid things may be possible

    Business 18 10:21

  • Half a2b staff jump ship to Reciprocal

    Saw which side their online bread was buttered

    Business 18 10:24

  • CDnow to launch digital music sales site

    Retailer bullish as major music labels prepare own online efforts

    Business 18 10:41

  • Fraud charges follow abuse of BT 0800 test number

    User allegedly clocks up 680 hours online –- now facing hefty bill

    Business 18 10:44

  • Loki game for Linux

    Myth II, Railroad Tycoon II coming soon -- five more major titles promised by year end

    Business 18 10:54

  • Intel confirms Pentium II dead

    Six months down the line

    Business 18 11:38

  • PlayMedia sues MP3.com

    $15 million damages sought for offering allegedly copyright-infringing MP3 player

    Business 18 11:38

  • Flood of enquiries slows down LocalTel freebies

    Telco apologises to subscribers for delays to free calls service

    Business 18 11:48

  • Irish eyes are smiling thanks to Taiwanese investment

    Two factories to create 500 much needed jobs

    Business 18 12:18

  • Children’s author found guilty of kiddie Web porn crimes

    Judge dismisses claims of legitimate research as ‘humbug’

    Business 18 12:26

  • US govt’s pay-to-search scheme falters

    Only live for a matter of hours before it is pulled

    Business 18 12:57

  • Child porn banned in Japan

    Stemming the 'Lolita' trade

    Business 18 12:58

  • E-bumpkins doomed to chew e-cud as wired world leaves them behind

    Report says e-business will separate the wheat from the chaff

    Business 18 13:15

  • Microsoft says Win2K will run fine on Celerons

    But still make your chip buying decisions carefully

    Business 18 13:25

  • HP bucks trend with strong PC sales

    Profits surge despite being late-comer to e-commerce

    Business 18 15:55

  • SGI gets new channels manager

    Goes at it like a bull, sources say

    Business 18 16:01

  • Chip market stability helps Siemens

    Sales up as German group tries to put last year’s woes behind it

    Business 18 16:40