17th May 1999 Archive

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  • Philips, LG contemplating LCD deal

    Kind of makes sense

    Business 17 May 06:59

  • Microsoft's seven year slog versus temp staff

    Faced by the courts, MS is willing to fight every last ditch, apparently.

    Business 17 May 07:04

  • MS trial may resume next Monday

    Apparently the judge is still trying to get rid of his drugs. Or something...

    Business 17 May 07:08

  • Red Hat Linux 6 gets AMD thumbs up

    But CPU Review says better hardware support needed

    Business 17 May 07:12

  • You can buy a 550MHz Intel Inside PC now

    But you can also buy an AMD one…

    Business 17 May 07:26

  • Nokia teams with Fujitsu sub for wireless data

    Shifty-sounding announcement doesn't entirely hide cunning plans

    Business 17 May 09:05

  • MS denies it's buying users with its billions

    But the company is quite clearly worried that the authorities are going act on the matter

    Business 17 May 09:06

  • Action 2000 figures show widespread Inaction 2000

    Police forces have barely started

    Business 17 May 10:02

  • AMD to intro three K7s and it will be June

    Chipset information confirmed

    Business 17 May 10:37

  • MP3.com confirms IPO

    But is it relevant in SDMI's world?

    Business 17 May 10:37

  • MS, Xerox to port Windows to photocopiers

    Official tip-off to WSJ pre-empts official launch

    Business 17 May 11:03

  • Whistleblowers wanted for Insurance fraud site

    Worst 'professional' site we've seen this month

    Business 17 May 11:45

  • Primary schools pump up RM profits

    Government-funded sales bonanza

    Business 17 May 12:33

  • Caldera backs standard Linux ‘degrees’

    Linux Professional Institute to offer exams, certificates of competence later this year

    Business 17 May 12:39

  • Compaq to climb higher Himalaya

    Shades of Mallory?

    Business 17 May 12:47

  • 0800 ISP claims 90K pre-launch registrations

    Freecall sets sight on virtual communities

    Business 17 May 12:50

  • Wherever I lay my overdraft, that's my phone

    First Direct launches mobile phone banking service

    Business 17 May 14:25

  • The Register launches Microprocessor Trends

    Cerebrates victory of the semiconductor

    Business 17 May 14:32

  • BT stamps on freephone Net ‘trial’

    Netties hammer internal test number

    Business 17 May 14:40

  • Intel competes with its PC server customers

    Yet customers like Compaq, HP, Dell and the ilk are strangely silent

    Business 17 May 14:43

  • D Notice MI6 geezer-journalist gets nickers in a twyst

    The Web is not important, he claims

    Business 17 May 15:16

  • Rambus Opera goes live…

    …with apologies to anyone, ever, anywhere, who sang about the Perons

    Business 17 May 15:30

  • Singapore security nuts goad hackers

    Crack this for $10k reward

    Business 17 May 15:38

  • Computex in Taipei looms nigh

    We give you your daily dose of Taiwanese news

    Business 17 May 15:44

  • Free software guru damns Euro software patent plans

    Don't make the same mistake as the US, warns Stallman

    Business 17 May 15:51

  • Eurocrats propose Net ratings system

    Censorship by any other name?

    Business 17 May 16:21

  • Mobile phones are a pain in the neck

    Warm ears, burnt skin, drowsiness...

    Business 17 May 17:02

  • Armageddon off with blood sports bra

    Alerts wearers to missile attacks

    Business 17 May 17:21

  • Tech trials delay new Net registrars

    Tedious process

    Business 17 May 17:44