14th May 1999 Archive

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  • NSI beats-off domain legal challenge

    But grumbling about its hold on the 'Who is' database continues

    Business 14 08:28

  • AOL, Hughes to team to compete with Gates' Teledesic

    Steve Case and his merry men join the broadband data from space race

    Business 14 08:34

  • Allaire Confusion for Linux after MS deal

    Allaire was doing it, but Allaire is friends with MS, and now it's all going quiet. Funny that...

    Business 14 08:39

  • Nokia-Bridge deal delivers mobile finance data

    Track your portfolio from bars, restaurants, public transport - until somebody hits you

    Business 14 09:25

  • Qualcomm-MS bid for cellular data starts trial

    BackOffice Everywhere plan kicks off in Canada

    Business 14 09:27

  • Creative denies move into European PC sales

    Will it eventually sell boxes in Europe?

    Business 14 09:36

  • More details leak on Matrox G400

    Korean site benchmarks details

    Business 14 09:44

  • MDR flees Ziff for Cahners

    When did that happen then?

    Business 14 09:58

  • ASA sinks teeth into channel advertisers

    Slapped wrists for Simply, AC Computer Warehouse, Granville, Sage and Eidos

    Business 14 10:09

  • MS marketing spins and respins in Linux attack

    Rampant versionitis strikes as readers bombard the small print

    Business 14 10:20

  • Intel aims to be number 2 server manufacturer in Europe by year end

    Intel World domination latest...

    Business 14 10:21

  • Microsoft allies with broadband outfit to push NT

    Not many users for At Home yet, and no mention of billions this deal, either

    Business 14 10:55

  • Intel and Silicon Storage settle lawsuit

    A mediator has mediated

    Business 14 11:02

  • Cyrix sale rumour mill ramps

    TSMC is either interested or it's disinterested

    Business 14 11:08

  • Creative unwraps 3dfx Wrapper

    Run Voodoo Glide games on your nVidia TNT card -- but is it legal?

    Business 14 11:14

  • Linux fans never do any work

    They spend all their time reading Linux stories on the Web

    Business 14 11:17

  • Freeserve adds share buying to its service

    Takes a stake in GlobalNet for $15 million

    Business 14 11:33

  • Developer community to standardise PowerPC Linux

    Post Red Hat 6.0-based Reference Release for distributors

    Business 14 11:34

  • DRAM prices plummet

    Crisis hits market once more

    Business 14 11:38

  • Don’t buy an Intel Inside PC

    … at least until Monday

    Business 14 11:39

  • Mobile phone can save you from a heart attack

    So now you know what to buy for the man who has everything

    Business 14 12:25

  • Launch of Mirror's ic24 sees IBM steal a jump on Compaq

    It's a funny old world...

    Business 14 12:32

  • Slapped wrists for Dell and Micron over ads

    Feds take dim view of hidden leasing details

    Business 14 12:39

  • Toll-free Web access doomed to fail

    Cable & Wireless turns nose up at free model

    Business 14 12:47

  • Iridium woes worsen

    Official: subscriber ramp-up, revenues lower than expected

    Business 14 12:47

  • Can Linux avoid Microsoft's NT trap?

    MS wants to fight Linux on ground of its choosing, so accept the challenge, but change the battlefield

    Business 14 13:02

  • Shareholders’ lawsuit pushes Merisel $21m into the red

    Years of legal scrapping take its toll on results

    Business 14 13:21

  • Intel holds line on Direct Rambus

    But where's its backup strategy?

    Business 14 13:23

  • Ballmer muses on opening up NT source code

    And from the length of the answer to a simple question, it seems he's been musing a lot

    Business 14 14:12

  • Tests cited by MS prove flaws in Linux study – Linux Today

    MS says PC Week tests support Mindcraft, but the numbers undermine Mindcraft

    Business 14 15:16

  • You want God’s email address – we got it

    Well, not exactly, but we know a Bishop who has

    Business 14 15:42

  • Software spin-off put on hold by Acer

    Uncertainties plague yet another business venture by Taiwanese giant

    Business 14 16:11

  • Intel's Otellini says Ray Lane good president for Compaq

    But Otellini himself is a refusenik for Pfeiffer's ex-post

    Business 14 16:31