13th May 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq faces storm over VMS VS10 pricing

    Corporate users will be well saddened

    Business 13 06:17

  • IBM Micro-Cyrix agreement takes further twist

    IBM claims lower prices and better distribution for same parts

    Business 13 06:26

  • Web sales make big bucks for Big Blue

    E-business means easy money, Gerstner tells analysts

    Business 13 07:52

  • Great Satan of Software moves in on SMEs

    Microsoft rolls out channel scheme to target small businesses

    Business 13 07:59

  • Branson bids to make round the world non-stop Webcast

    Great Satan of colourful pullovers will be taking any questions

    Business 13 08:02

  • Lotus boss accused of ‘intimate relationship’ with PA

    For Papows, sorrows come in battalions. But he probably thinks he made the battalions up

    Business 13 08:04

  • MS ‘temps’ win court action over stock purchase plan

    In light of the new salary structures, something of a pyrrhic victory, mayhap...

    Business 13 08:07

  • MS grabs medic Web site, invades Sweden

    Spend, spend, spend... But Sendit's GSM technology could come in handy

    Business 13 08:10

  • MS-backed US law could destroy consumer rights to redress

    No matter how dud the package you just bought is, the software companies will be laughing. At you.

    Business 13 08:12

  • Sun unveils Solaris Linux compatibility

    Efforts with lxrun beginning to pay off

    Business 13 08:56

  • Nintendo deal could mean big PowerPC presence in home

    Matsushita-Nintendo link to put consoles at centre of home networks

    Business 13 08:59

  • Nokia starts push into wireless LAN

    Products due in Q2 in US, Q3 in Europe

    Business 13 09:46

  • Gates in talks over $1 billion Deutsche Telekom deal

    Will DT be jealous over the bigger piles everybody else is getting? But it's got lots already...

    Business 13 09:47

  • Fly Me, I'm Virgin Net

    Wannabe Portal for travel and music

    Business 13 10:02

  • Intel's Otellini outlines chip strategy

    No intention to squash rivals

    Business 13 10:09

  • Intel back-tracks on IEEE1394 support

    Great Satan joins FireWire patent pool, as it dramatically cuts royalties

    Business 13 10:12

  • We demand our D Notice from MI6

    Where is it? We're miffed

    Business 13 10:48

  • Web site names UK spies

    Lives put at risk as moles’ details splashed over Net

    Business 13 11:13

  • Vanguard breaks into Direct Rambus market

    Taiwanese firm says production started

    Business 13 11:22

  • Sony Music backs MS' digital delivery format

    Coup for the Great Satan, or sign of online music's multi-format future?

    Business 13 11:24

  • Official secure music scheme to kill all non-compliant formats

    Even your CD collection will have to go

    Business 13 11:52

  • Will the FTC re-open Intel investigation?

    As Cyrix, IDT totter, surely things must get hotter

    Business 13 11:58

  • ‘Show you can beat NT’ – MS declares war on Linux

    The Beast of Redmond says it will re-run a controversial shootout, and this time it's personal

    Business 13 12:40

  • Spy leaker accuses Government of hype

    Names are already in the public domain, he says

    Business 13 13:06

  • Register Tracks Down 007-Turncoat Web Site

    Tune in here for all our traitor spook Web stories

    Business 13 13:31

  • Japanese site shows Millenium benchmarks

    Just when will Babelfish translate this stuff?

    Business 13 14:35

  • Intel to expand Manila fab


    Business 13 14:51

  • Radio chip mould broken by Cambridge firm

    It's a spin off from Cambridge Consultants

    Business 13 14:58

  • Advertising Standards Authority desperate for online complaints…

    ...but it doesn't have email!

    Business 13 15:17

  • Intel fabbing for HP

    Someone wins a Register pin

    Business 13 15:20

  • Compucom closes Entex buy

    It's $137 million greenbacks

    Business 13 15:29

  • Sega rallies BT, ICL for Dreamcast Net freebie

    Console hopes free Internet access will persuade buyers not to wait for PlayStation 2

    Business 13 15:38