11th May 1999 Archive

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  • AMD to take on Intel in SMP market

    Products set to appear with K7 next year

    Business 11 07:23

  • AOL cuts prices but won’t go free

    It’s about the quality of the service, apparently

    Business 11 07:54

  • Free ISPs force AOL to slash rates

    But according to the giant, free services won't be forever

    Business 11 08:07

  • Europe reserves right to resume MS contract enquiry

    So Microsoft had better be good in its ISP dealings

    Business 11 08:54

  • PointCast bows out for a mere $7 million

    Some you win, some you lose, apparently...

    Business 11 08:57

  • Intel's fund has no specific focus on Merced

    Its contribution is $100 million in the fund

    Business 11 09:16

  • Don’t delete Microsoft files, even if they ask you to

    Microsoft knows best (?)

    Business 11 09:29

  • Nextel deal – has Microsoft bought into a ghetto?

    Few users, large debts, specialist technology - this cannot be The Big One

    Business 11 10:10

  • Taiwan takes aim at digital camera market

    Will reach 10 per cent market penetration this year

    Business 11 10:35

  • Ingram goes Dutch with new UK MD

    This time it decides to stick with one of its own rather than an outsider

    Business 11 10:35

  • Linux big hit in Red China

    Could have ten per cent share in a year

    Business 11 10:45

  • Personal Statement from Evan Rudowski, GM, Excite UK


    Business 11 11:08

  • Users' details made public by Excite

    Data Protection Act infringed as privacy busted wide open by glitch

    Business 11 11:20

  • AOL, Sony opt for Linux

    Open source OS to power Internet access appliances, consumer electronics goods

    Business 11 11:28

  • Intel too close to Clinton for comfort

    Gives a whole new meaning to government affairs

    Business 11 12:06

  • No takers for The Register PSN Challenge

    No one identifies mystery PIII user

    Business 11 12:15

  • Quantum buys Meridian Data

    Deal worth around $85 million

    Business 11 12:26

  • Apple unveils new pro PowerBooks, MacOS X Client

    But Steve Jobs' Worldwide Developers Conference keynote brings few surprises

    Business 11 12:56

  • Why AOL doesn't need Linux – that much

    Linux might do all sorts of cute things, but not always the ones AOL wants

    Business 11 13:56

  • Viglen scores through Misys deal

    Wins deal to supply 10,000 PCs

    Business 11 14:30

  • HP will do Merced

    And why the hell not...

    Business 11 14:48

  • Oracle to sell exclusively via Web

    It’s Web or bust, says Ellison

    Business 11 14:54

  • Mike Magee worked for Intel…

    ...and now he does AMD's PR

    Business 11 15:15

  • Moto to spin off semi unit

    It is alleged...

    Business 11 15:41

  • AOL trumps MS with Cyrix-based satellite Web/TV system

    NCI platform, MediaGX CPU, Philips manufacture and Hughes receiver - AOL bids for the stars

    Business 11 17:43