10th May 1999 Archive

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  • Intel seeks deal with FTC

    Company attempting to head-off antitrust action

    Business 10 06:25

  • Compaq unveils EV6 DS10 family

    AMD K7 watchers will look closely at WebBrick performance

    Business 10 06:25

  • Rise close to announcing fab partner

    ST Microelectronics still tipped for Taiwanese upstart

    Business 10 07:24

  • Deutsche Telekom bidding for UK cellular outfit?

    The German behemoth is in spend, spend, spend mode

    Business 10 09:01

  • FCC employee in nun joke spam shock

    Finger trouble substitutes Nuns in Heaven gag for daily news update

    Business 10 09:03

  • Insight swallows Action in $150 million deal

    All share transaction

    Business 10 09:03

  • Free services take UK into Web lead

    More Brit PC owners have a Web connection than any other European users

    Business 10 09:06

  • Take your clothes off when you surf

    Microsoft says get 'em off

    Business 10 09:07

  • UK Hacks give up the struggle

    Let the vendors run the editorial show

    Business 10 09:12

  • Stan lax compatibility

    Dearie, dearie me

    Business 10 09:19

  • ‘Under-performing’ staff will lose from MS pay reorg

    In the big print it says pay rises, but here in the small print we detect a reign of terror

    Business 10 09:53

  • China and Balkans on IT industry's mind

    Anti-NATO feeling could spill over into trade

    Business 10 10:13

  • More woes for Lycos/USA Networks deal

    Now looking shakier than ever

    Business 10 10:19

  • AMD could buy Cyrix business

    And so could ST Micro and Samsung...

    Business 10 10:41

  • Lucent debuts Netphone-on-a-chip

    ARM-based chip to cut phone costs by 30 per cent

    Business 10 11:22

  • Merced just a development platform for McKinley

    Could explain an awful lot...

    Business 10 11:32

  • Al Gore threatens IT industry leaders

    Fall into step over morality issue, or else

    Business 10 11:54

  • Secret service eliminates ex-spy’s Web site

    MI6 shaken and stirred by threat of revelations

    Business 10 12:05

  • SiS intros integrated “non legacy” chipset

    Socket 7, Celeron, Pentium IIs & IIIs

    Business 10 12:12

  • Mobile phone chip ends radiation fears

    It's a chip in the old battery

    Business 10 12:43

  • Typhoon hits Logitek in wake of Osmosis fall-out

    The wheel of fortune has a funny way of turning

    Business 10 14:56

  • School kids bung up the Web

    Chain email project for geography lesson proves too much for servers to handle

    Business 10 15:01

  • Called to the bar

    DoJ, Microsoft post their rebuttal witnesses

    Business 10 15:10

  • MS Slate admits editorial defeat

    Will sell things, too

    Business 10 15:22

  • FBI fights fraud in cyberspace

    G-Man becomes WWW-Man, not as cool sounding though

    Business 10 15:34

  • US exchange issues CPU spot marketing details

    Some are stable, others are shifting sand

    Business 10 15:48

  • Oh dear, it’s processor serial number time again

    We challenge Zero Knowledge to put its money where its mouth is...

    Business 10 15:55

  • Distributors cut to quick by Compaq

    From 39 down to four US disties

    Business 10 16:01

  • EMC stabs HP in the front

    It's all about the bottom line

    Business 10 16:26

  • Ingram Micro UK loses its head

    Distie’s Scott-a go looking for a new MD

    Business 10 16:34

  • Web name registrar bans lewd language

    If you want a URL you’d better mind your Ps&Qs – and your S&M

    Business 10 16:55

  • Merced is a zombie

    It is the living undead

    Business 10 23:05