7th May 1999 Archive

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  • Gates to cash another $260 million MS stock

    Diversification programme goes into overdrive - does he know something we don't?

    Business 07 08:58

  • MS taking more slices of UK cable business

    A chunk of Telewest follows a $500 million slice of NTL

    Business 07 09:00

  • MS spends $5 billion to boost CE cable presence

    But the price of a user has gone up spectacularly in the last year...

    Business 07 09:03

  • MS plays musical service packs with NT 4.0

    Now you see it, now you don't. Maybe best wait for the CD...

    Business 07 09:07

  • VP Allchin says MS OSes worse than Win2k beta

    No really, he said it, and he said lots of other weird stuff too. (Read to the bottom for Citrix stock tip)

    Business 07 09:10

  • Universal online music plan gains AT&T, Matsushita backing

    Cable and consumer electronics companies add major market opportunities

    Business 07 10:15

  • US crypto laws ‘unconstitutional’

    But only as far as source code is concerned

    Business 07 10:35

  • The gran who fell to earth

    ICL in Manchester to host bizarre stunt tomorrow

    Business 07 10:39

  • Will cable spending spree turn MS into Ma Bill?

    Or is the company just blowing the cash before Justice brings down the shutters?

    Business 07 10:49

  • Novell spooks bust online pirate

    Says it is taking action to protect channel

    Business 07 11:10

  • IT equipment is bad for your health

    The hidden dangers that lurk within your photocopier

    Business 07 12:16

  • Scottish Telecom set for £1bn IPO

    Parent company looking to cash in on popularity of tech stocks

    Business 07 13:02

  • Take-over talk targets Newbridge

    Latest fall in share price prompts increased speculation

    Business 07 13:28

  • Defunct dealer turns tables on advisors

    Former Apple reseller turns adversity into opportunity by becoming insolvency practitioner

    Business 07 13:46

  • Microsoft buys Telewest stake from AT&T

    Bill’s got your PC, now he wants your phone and TV too

    Business 07 14:06

  • Big Blue sued over mice

    And scrolling mice, at that

    Business 07 15:03

  • Europe gives green light to spam

    Junk emailers have their day, thanks to Euro vote

    Business 07 16:43

  • Soccer Web boss kicks fortune into the Net

    Sports Internet buys Planetfootball for £24m

    Business 07 19:36