6th May 1999 Archive

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  • Lucent chooses Netscape for wireless Web portal

    Zingo to provide start page for mobile users

    Business 06 May 08:10

  • Siemens turns to Fujitsu JV to save PC business

    Siemens has a factory, Fujitsu shifts them boxes - let's do the show right here...

    Business 06 May 08:12

  • IBM-Moto PowerPC deal isn't dead – honest

    But pushing harder into embedded might mean it's dead in parts

    Business 06 May 08:19

  • Red Hat hires top Netscape exec – did we say IPO?

    Eric Hahn is intended to take Red Hat places, and no doubt will be richly rewarded...

    Business 06 May 08:22

  • Semiconductor sales hit $11.16bn

    The cause: the Asian rebound

    Business 06 May 10:13

  • Free phone Web access picks up Tempo

    High street store accuses rival of sour grapes as reports of fighting are denied

    Business 06 May 10:33

  • Liquid Audio tunes into Net IPO frenzy

    But does it have much of a future?

    Business 06 May 10:51

  • Simon Meredith writes…

    Column: A weekly column from leading channel journalist Simon Meredith

    Business 06 May 12:24

  • Datrontech to bring Novell to the SME masses

    Recruitment drive aimed at system builders

    Business 06 May 12:57

  • What happens when free ISPs are overrun and can’t support their users?

    Our man on the receiving end tells it like it is

    Business 06 May 13:48

  • Fujitsu leads Euro PC sales growth

    The supermarket channel leads the way

    Business 06 May 15:39

  • Spam scams shift from Net to cellphones

    Cellnet, Vodafone customers inadvertantly reveal personal details -- Orange subscribers tempted with smut

    Business 06 May 15:47

  • Indian debt collector calls in the eunuchs

    Channel to take heed and bolster credit control departments?

    Business 06 May 16:29

  • Be IPO based on set-top box role for BeOS

    Fortune 'reveals' what we said back in March

    Business 06 May 16:31

  • New mobile operator to enter UK market

    Government to auction off fifth licence

    Business 06 May 16:37

  • MS to take $5bn stake in AT&T

    Telco follows post MediaOne Comcast deal with pledge to back Win CE

    Business 06 May 16:58