5th May 1999 Archive

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  • Storage is dead dull, right?

    That's not true...examples follow

    Business 05 04:25

  • Caldera claims MS emails proof of illegal competition

    And the Caldera emails do seem a lot heavier than the ones the DoJ released...

    Business 05 07:34

  • Windows 98 Second Edition to be released today

    First mentioned in March, out in May, as we suggested. It's taken MS about two months to develop - apparently.

    Business 05 07:41

  • NatSemi to ‘announce Cyrix sale’

    Shock Horror, ZD scoops the world

    Business 05 07:43

  • Rolls-Royce emailers' jobs still in jeopardy

    Allegedly "inapproporiate" emails may lead to sackings

    Business 05 09:45

  • Egghead.com loss narrows

    Humpty Dumpty's fall no so great this time

    Business 05 10:34

  • Al Gore says Web violence had hand in highschool massacre

    But it's bullets that kill people, not POPs

    Business 05 11:00

  • Unix creator lambasts Linux

    Linux no more than an anti-Microsoft backlash, claims Thompson

    Business 05 11:04

  • HP confirms Merced retreat

    McKinley, McKinley, it's got to be McKinley

    Business 05 11:08

  • Infineon exec damns DRAM glut feeding Koreans

    Expanding production for a near-saturated market "should not be tolerated"

    Business 05 11:22

  • Xircom to take WinCE to enterprise

    Corporates want to network handhelds, apparently

    Business 05 11:47

  • Comcast yields to AT&T over MediaOne

    But defeat brings $1.5 billion and two million subscribers as pay off

    Business 05 11:55

  • Wicked3D breaks free from hardware biz

    Company to focus on multi-card acceleration software and becoming as famous as 3dfx

    Business 05 12:23

  • NatSemi exits PC CPU market

    Cyrix not to be sold after all -- at least not yet...

    Business 05 12:48

  • HP buys Dazel

    It's the digital workplace man

    Business 05 13:43

  • One-2-One to spend £50m on expansion

    Future’s looking bright as 2,000 jobs created

    Business 05 13:57

  • New body to end cyber squatting

    Trademark infringement to come under fire

    Business 05 13:59

  • Ingram to up its prices

    Charges increase across the channel

    Business 05 14:12

  • AOL tees up toll-free call service

    Comes clean about 0800 trial

    Business 05 14:30

  • Building firm makes more money from Web stocks than from stock-in-trade

    Too busy making money to do any work? You’re not alone

    Business 05 15:17

  • Chipzilla speaks. What you will be using in 2001

    Double pumping coming your way RSN

    Business 05 15:47

  • New high-end Intel systems coming your way

    … more codenames to learn

    Business 05 15:49

  • Mini ThinkPad's a-coming today

    But only in the US for now

    Business 05 16:36

  • EMC and HP: war declared

    Hewlett Packard says EMC technology old

    Business 05 17:19

  • HP to pour $50 million into storage Eurochannel

    Resellers will sell Hitachi big box

    Business 05 21:12

  • ARM intros DSP chip

    Processor core enhanced

    Business 05 21:35