4th May 1999 Archive

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  • Intel sues Via – by mistake…

    Meanwhile, Motorola-Intel settle

    Business 04 06:15

  • AMD fuels speculation on K7

    Refuses any comment on performance

    Business 04 06:39

  • Wang goes Dutch in $1.36 billion deal

    Getronics swoops to form services behemoth

    Business 04 07:50

  • Compaq notebooks slammed by corporate users

    IBM, Dell get loyalty, give reliability

    Business 04 08:24

  • Will Compaq change direction on Alpha?

    New broom may sweep clean

    Business 04 08:43

  • MS is balkanising Windows, says Be's Gassee

    File formats a go-go are sucking users into Redmond's clutches

    Business 04 09:59

  • MS paid $50k to buy ‘Compaq of Europe’ out of DR-DOS deal

    Meanwhile, an MS employee likens integration to 'bubble gum and bailing wire'

    Business 04 10:03

  • Liberate OEMs, open Windows APIs, says MS critic Reback

    Veteran MS antagonist has a list of remedies that look viable

    Business 04 10:09

  • Consumer activist Nader lashes MS at Remedies conference

    Wide-range of axes heard grinding in Washington last week

    Business 04 10:15

  • Cyberstrike man slammed for spam

    Unmetered calls action group hits out at member’s actions

    Business 04 10:26

  • Iomega shuts plants, readies redundancies

    Plan to return storage company to profit continues with anticipated job cuts

    Business 04 11:11

  • Stakes raised in MediaOne bidding war

    Great Satan of Software to set up tracking stock to strengthen hand?

    Business 04 11:29

  • Linuxcare to move into big time

    New CEO to tackle major league competitors like IBM, HP

    Business 04 11:34

  • LineOne loses its head

    Updated: MD replaced - details sketchy

    Business 04 11:51

  • RCA unveils Lyra MP3 player

    Portable digital music player supports MS Audio, RealAudio too

    Business 04 12:08

  • May the fourth be with you

    Star Wars Web sales go into orbit

    Business 04 12:33

  • RealNetworks launches universal digital music player

    Supports MP3, rips CDs -- you need never download another player again

    Business 04 12:57

  • Web porn credit card scam – biggest ever

    Man charged with $50m fraud

    Business 04 14:44

  • Universal signs InterTrust

    'Big five' music label's music ecommerce project to take on IBM, Microsoft

    Business 04 15:01

  • Fears grow over Web perverting kids

    Filtering software selling like hot tomalleys as parents bid to protect kids from cyber filth

    Business 04 15:33

  • Freebie users pump up Virgin’s bottom line

    New customers bolster figures in wake of ‘no-charge’ announcement

    Business 04 16:16

  • Australian watchdog sets up its own Web scam

    Cons millions of dollars out of people -– let that be a lesson to you

    Business 04 16:34

  • Sinclair plans Linux(?) organiser/appliance

    Sir Clive is wavering over Linux - but he hates the PC standard

    Business 04 17:17