3rd May 1999 Archive

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  • UK boffin plans Linux box for comeback

    The rumours that Sir Clive Sinclair is playing with computers again are strengthening

    Business 03 07:22

  • More Gates smoking emails support Caldera case

    Anyone seen a Korean MS app from 1989-90? Caldera would love to hear from you

    Business 03 08:19

  • Can AMD seize the corporate day?

    He may get by with some help from his friends

    Business 03 09:23

  • FTC to appoint guardian for Alpha

    Trustees to look after future of endangered chip

    Business 03 09:38

  • HP buys Transoft

    It's storage area network stuff

    Business 03 13:40

  • Intel talks 600MHz StrongArm

    Power down means performance up -- next year

    Business 03 13:47

  • Compaq slashes prices on Linux Alpha servers

    This is the beginning of the endgame

    Business 03 15:49