30th April 1999 Archive

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  • Lotus lashes Microsoft, Netscape for email strategies

    Microsoft is arrogant and holds customers captive. It's rip and replace, says Reeves

    Business 30 07:35

  • Digital's Palmer elected to AMD board

    And Sanders announces K7 speeds as he cedes control to Raza

    Business 30 07:56

  • Tech stocks take a beating as Nasdaq falls

    Remember, the value of your investment can rise as well as fall, honest

    Business 30 08:30

  • Processor Serial Number back from the dead

    Intel on the back foot again

    Business 30 09:29

  • Lotus chief's ‘combat’ record savaged by WSJ

    If Jeff Papows ever tells you he's shipping a product, remember he might just be 'motivating' you

    Business 30 09:41

  • Win2k beta 3 out – biggest ever MS beta rolls

    It's 670k copies and counting so far -- any advance?

    Business 30 09:44

  • HP considered shipping non-MS OS with its Win95 PCs

    Testimony confirms earlier suggestions from MS OEM boss

    Business 30 09:46

  • Gates smoking email asks how to break rival's software

    After a quiet period, the other trial is perking up again...

    Business 30 09:55

  • Could 3D chips threaten Intel

    There's more to games than having a laugh

    Business 30 09:58

  • How Cyrix sees bus architecture

    Outlines the problems and opportunities

    Business 30 10:12

  • Cyrix pays Register a visit

    Shows Webpad off in Mayfair

    Business 30 10:33

  • Intel puts money into Proxim

    Wireless LAN, thank you man

    Business 30 10:40

  • Quikwriting to speed Palm users

    New text entry system Beats Graffiti hands down

    Business 30 10:50

  • Coppermine could finish AMD off for good

    …should Intel choose so to do

    Business 30 10:55

  • Atlantic PCs resurface with new owner

    Sight & Sound pledges to turn the tide for off-the-page brand

    Business 30 11:58

  • Sonix-founder Jones resurfaces on Web

    Serial entrepreneur? Isn’t that what business people have for breakfast?

    Business 30 12:06

  • Future Xeon roadmap revealed

    Coppermine PIII Xeons to debut at 667MHz - maybe

    Business 30 12:15

  • MS sued over Win CE patent clash

    US inventor alleges Microsoft nicked his pen-based data input technology

    Business 30 12:33

  • CHS and CA to form cosy little bundles

    UK leads pack with new joint initiative

    Business 30 12:48

  • Siemens to repay UK grant

    German giant sent invoice for £18 million

    Business 30 14:39

  • Microsoft, AOL enter MediaOne bidding war

    Everyone wants of piece of the cable action

    Business 30 14:48

  • MSN vanishes off face of Cyberspace

    Email service gets sulky face on

    Business 30 15:02

  • AMD spams Mike Magee

    Journalists up in arms at PR outrage

    Business 30 15:04

  • Intel on target for Merced – unofficial

    Except it's just got to be ready by May 27

    Business 30 15:15

  • Mirror Group launches free Net service

    ic24 to bring Web to honest Yeomen of Britain. Or something like that

    Business 30 15:22

  • Victims wanted – have you been violated?

    Mr CIH set to go free unless someone complains soon

    Business 30 16:06

  • The Register offers PC cleaning tips

    Our aim is to be entertaining, informative and useful with no screen scrapers

    Business 30 16:27