29th April 1999 Archive

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  • Zander dismantles Solar System

    Sun reigns-in subs and heads for consumers

    Business 29 07:24

  • Rioworks mobo introduced

    No ISA slot -- the first of many

    Business 29 08:29

  • Osmosis pledges to repay debts

    More than 100 staff to go as company reshapes to fend off troubles

    Business 29 09:39

  • Corel back on track, says CEO

    CEO Michael Cowpland talks to The Register about Microsoft, Java, Linux

    Business 29 09:54

  • Corel back on track – page 2 of 3


    Business 29 09:58

  • Corel back on track – page 3 of 3


    Business 29 10:00

  • ARM denies role in Acorn dismemberment

    When is a takeover not a takeover? When the tax planners get involved...

    Business 29 10:15

  • Bleem beats back second Sony strike

    US District Court chucks out request for sales suspension

    Business 29 10:32

  • Amazon.com revenue rises 236 per cent

    But Wall Street prophets shouldn't expect profits for a long time yet

    Business 29 11:04

  • 25 per cent of Sega staff for the chop

    Colossal loss predicted for fiscal 1998 -- and 1999 doesn't look any better

    Business 29 11:34

  • Katmai was resurrected because of AMD threat

    Deschutes horses, don't they?

    Business 29 12:06

  • Thomson Consumer Electronics backs MP3

    Consumer electronics giant buys into MP3 software specialist, plans family of MP3 players

    Business 29 12:20

  • Asian memory fabs return to full production

    Semi market shows signs of revival

    Business 29 12:26

  • NEC claims breakthrough on quantum computer

    Will run "millions of times" faster

    Business 29 12:35

  • Microsoft launches streaming media division

    Expect to see Murdoch-style tactics being used to outbid RealNetworks and Apple

    Business 29 12:46

  • Free phone calls for UK this summer

    Two schemes offer cost-free calling in exchange for ads

    Business 29 13:04

  • PCs going cheap from Egg

    But have they cracked it with ecommerce yet

    Business 29 13:14

  • CIH virus hits Taiwan hardest

    Pirate software to blame for unchecked spread

    Business 29 15:00

  • Freeserve users targeted by free call offer

    Battle for hearts and minds of Net users set to break out

    Business 29 15:12