28th April 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq to spin off OEM group

    Finds buyer for $300 million arm

    Business 28 07:11

  • SCO boss climbs down over Linux assault

    He didn't say it. Well he can't remember saying it. Well he was just imagining somebody else saying it then

    Business 28 08:32

  • Compaq gives online resellers thumbs up

    Reverses decision made at court of King Eck two months ago

    Business 28 08:36

  • VA spins off Labs for ‘Trillian’ Linux IA-64 port

    Company splits into two divisions, and has big plans for linux.com

    Business 28 09:05

  • 550MHz Pentium III has overheating problems

    Chip too hot to trot

    Business 28 10:39

  • No free upgrade deal for PCs with Win2k beta preinstall

    Dell, for one, seems to have gone suddenly cold on the coupon idea, so you pay twice, it seems

    Business 28 10:41

  • BSkyB boss says B off to Microsoft millions

    $100 million package not tempting enough

    Business 28 10:49

  • Sony preps HiFD for PlayStation 2

    Erstwhile floppy replacement to become consumer storage standard

    Business 28 10:56

  • Prudential fails to put all its Eggs in one basket

    Should be called Geg -- its ecommerce message is definitely scrambled

    Business 28 10:59

  • Cisco deal boosts ITG service

    Now it's one of the big boys of the UK ISP market

    Business 28 11:00

  • Intel “disappointed” by AMD's K7

    Let AMD live and prosper -- unofficial

    Business 28 11:04

  • AMD samples isotopically pure wafers

    Silicon-28 gives faster performance, isotypically

    Business 28 11:22

  • ATI move on chipset market targets Intel

    Chromatic Research buyout starts to make sense at last

    Business 28 11:42

  • Secrets of Intel's IA-64 roadmap revealed

    Northwood to reach 3000MHz, Deerfield a consumer chip

    Business 28 11:48

  • Creative profits plummet 60 per cent

    Sound card Stan pins hopes on Rio clone

    Business 28 12:08

  • Aureal posts Q1 earnings

    Revenues rise by 250 per cent, net loss falls to $4.1 million

    Business 28 12:11

  • Statue of Turing spurned by US IT giants

    Believe it or not, the computer was not invented by an American

    Business 28 12:43

  • Flat screen monitors will poison the planet

    Recycler warns of hidden dangers and unknown chemicals

    Business 28 13:13

  • AMD confirms Raza to ramp up activities

    Sanders to go to back end of bus

    Business 28 14:00

  • What the Hell is… an Endian?

    There's big ones and there's little ones, y'know

    Business 28 14:00

  • Lycos/USA Networks deal in limbo, VP says

    Top Lycos exec likes the deal but admits the market doesn't

    Business 28 14:39

  • Quantum's 1999 revenues decline

    Q4 shows massive profit burst

    Business 28 14:42

  • Cisco buys Amteva

    Voice, email, fax integration specialist swallowed by Great Stan of Routers

    Business 28 14:51

  • Direct Rambus shows no gains over current memory technology

    Paper claims 100MHz SDRAMs beat "800Mbps" Rambus parts

    Business 28 14:59

  • US service companies to clean up in Europe

    Study reveals Europeans way behind in the service skills stakes

    Business 28 15:21

  • Samsung MP3 player goes global

    The man from Samsung, he say Yepp

    Business 28 15:50

  • Intel's Barrett's spoof diary

    We imagine what he might write, if he was a journalist

    Business 28 23:38

  • Hamidi loses to Intel

    Not allowed to bombard employees with email or trespass

    Business 28 23:48