27th April 1999 Archive

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  • Cyrix revamps CPU roadmap

    Positions processors against Celerons, K6-2s

    Business 27 06:53

  • Market forces Osmosis out of hardware business

    Still trading in software, but big changes on the way

    Business 27 07:33

  • Computacenter to sign pledge with racial equality group

    Updated: Will become model ethnic minority employer for UK IT industry

    Business 27 07:34

  • Caldera closes UK thin client development unit

    Development being moved over to Utah

    Business 27 08:05

  • Gem, the GUI that beat Windows to market, goes open source

    And Caldera's move makes a certain writer all misty-eyed...

    Business 27 08:09

  • Caldera spin-off pushes Linux thin clients

    The ones who don't want to go to Utah reckon there's thin client life in old 486s

    Business 27 08:14

  • Dell to preinstall Red Hat Linux 6.0 on 4-way servers

    First company to gain Red Hat MP certification

    Business 27 08:53

  • i752 on the road

    Chipzilla goes Graphics 'r' Us

    Business 27 09:36

  • SCO boss blows stack over Linux, Linus

    Michels goes into lather over litigious Norwegian (sic) kids, and much else

    Business 27 09:44

  • UK's GEC buys Fore

    Playing catch-up with the big boys

    Business 27 09:45

  • Intel's copper to Cu real soon now

    Coppa whoppa in P860 shocka

    Business 27 09:51

  • Hard facts emerge about Willamette

    Architecture details show 1Mb L2 cache on die

    Business 27 10:01

  • Iridium boldly going… nowhere

    Q1 profits way down -- userbase a third of anticipated figure

    Business 27 10:37

  • ARM acquisition sees Acorn dismembered

    Pace takes set-tops, managers take DSPs

    Business 27 10:39

  • Celeron trashes PII in new RegMark™ tests

    We publish the figures Intel is afraid of

    Business 27 10:54

  • Apple beats schoolboy

    Domain name ownership fight goes against 17-year-old

    Business 27 11:00

  • Police issue Net appeal to find Dando's killer

    Stalker Web sites track Golden Girl of British TV --Daily Mail

    Business 27 11:12

  • Worldwide PC sales beat doom merchants

    Shipments up nearly 20 per cent

    Business 27 12:03

  • Kingfisher swoops on free Net access

    Plans replica of Freeserve model for all of Europe

    Business 27 13:56

  • WRQ to boost UK channel presence

    Re-launch of reseller scheme aimed at ISVs and systems integrators

    Business 27 15:14

  • Japan to outlaw kiddie Net porn trade

    World’s worst offender to clean up its act

    Business 27 15:45

  • Now McKinley looks a tad delayed

    Forget Merced, think presidents

    Business 27 15:47

  • AMD marketing budget higher than Intel's

    Strange, but true

    Business 27 15:57

  • Is MIPS up for sale?

    Spun at $14, rose to $64 and now $39

    Business 27 15:58