26th April 1999 Archive

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  • Program released to counter remarking

    Re-clocking of PII/266 rife

    Business 26 06:29

  • Win2k beta 3 – will MS ship a million copies?

    Judging from the figures, this week's beta could be one of the company's star products

    Business 26 09:51

  • Win98 Second Edition could ship within weeks

    It's on final release candidate, and it's a lot readier than Win2k.

    Business 26 09:56

  • VIP goes Dutch with new office

    Manchester-based reseller starts European expansion

    Business 26 10:43

  • Hooray, hooray, it’s CIH virus day

    Your system is under attack from more bugs than you can shake a stick at

    Business 26 10:52

  • Revealed: Intel’s most wanted

    Chipzilla wants 'em and is willing to pay top dollar…

    Business 26 11:00

  • Row over Y2K weakspots in City

    Action 2000 wants to name and shame the non-compliant

    Business 26 11:02

  • Cyrix downprices current chips

    And stealth launches MII-366

    Business 26 11:04

  • Intel thought police to wheel into action over ad

    It's vital everything's exactly right!!!

    Business 26 11:15

  • Nerds Army to defend Queen & country


    Business 26 11:29

  • Profits arrive for Memory Corporation

    In the black at last – but only just

    Business 26 11:42

  • More woes for Compaq as market share drops

    Dataquest, IDC figures show worldwide market healthy

    Business 26 12:11

  • 466MHz Celeron, 810 chipset launched, at last

    Creature supports both 66/100MHz Front Side Bus

    Business 26 12:20

  • Intel's Gelsinger confirms S370 form factor for .18 micron

    And, saints preserve us, 810 supports Win2000

    Business 26 12:33

  • Shock tactics used to publicise Y2K threat

    Action 2000 to put the frightners on

    Business 26 12:40

  • WH Smith to launch Web portal tomorrow

    Free Net access and all the usual suspects

    Business 26 13:08

  • Diamond MP3 plan still to pay off

    Revenues, profits down again

    Business 26 13:22

  • Tempo hijacks free ISP service bandwagon

    Everyone wants to eat Freeserve’s lunch

    Business 26 15:15

  • Intel's move to sockets causes warehouse woes

    New technology is fine and dandy but...

    Business 26 15:33

  • Gateway goes a-gunning for Dixons

    High noon on the high street

    Business 26 15:57

  • Now's the time to protect copyright – Diamond exec

    But who it's partnerning with is more telling...

    Business 26 15:57

  • AMD's Sanders to take back seat

    Nexgen's Atiq Raza to take driving wheel at Front Side of Bus

    Business 26 16:00

  • Avnet and Arrow team up online

    Channel players join forces to fight off Web newcomers

    Business 26 16:08

  • Red Hat unveils Linux 6.0

    New release of leading Linux distribution focuses on simplifying install tasks

    Business 26 16:15

  • Coppermine taped out and real copper on way

    Xeons will have two Mb of cache on die expected

    Business 26 16:17