25th April 1999 Archive

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  • Virgin bites bullet on Y2K problem

    Not frying that night

    Business 25 11:21

  • Dixons Freeserve tags July for £2.5 billion IPO

    Sure beats flogging PCs and overpriced warranties for a living

    Business 25 12:47

  • Labour unrest in South Korea threatens memory prices

    Unions unhappy with forced moves

    Business 25 15:42

  • BT, AT&T to take shares in Japan Telecom

    Fifteen per cent each adds up to 30 per cent

    Business 25 15:49

  • What the Hell is…Camino and Rambus all about?

    Number one in an occasional series for those who can’t be bothered to RTFM

    Business 25 16:14

  • Intel has (late) designs on your graphics

    Icon see clearly now. We reveal secrets of Capitola, i752, i740 et al

    Business 25 16:17

  • Chipzilla just says no to particulates

    Look, don't get sniffy about it

    Business 25 16:29