23rd April 1999 Archive

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  • Auto-hardware Linux scheme launched

    Hardware detection made easier, Mandrakesoft claims

    Business 23 07:04

  • FTC strikes blow for Alpha

    Intel forced to allow re-licensing

    Business 23 07:13

  • Intel promises real GHz performance next year

    Barrett predicts enormous e-commerce growth

    Business 23 07:44

  • MS EU antagonist jumps ship – to Gates-friendly University

    Bill has an honorary degree from the outfit Van Miert will be running

    Business 23 08:12

  • Record year for C2000 as Lockie sets sail for the east

    Distributors must embrace ecommerce, company says

    Business 23 09:16

  • UK Web services getting worse – official

    Study finds one-in-10 connection attempts fail

    Business 23 09:28

  • New domain name admin takes off on Monday

    So farewell then, Network Solutions -- but you can still collect the rent

    Business 23 09:39

  • Gates TV to return next week

    Another mountain of trial transcripts is due to be made public

    Business 23 09:41

  • Merced samples slip from June

    But Intel says it never said June anyway

    Business 23 09:42

  • Intel retreats on Hamidi case

    Waives money, nuisance claims

    Business 23 10:11

  • Music industry anti-caching letter


    Business 23 10:35

  • Music industry fights dirty to ban cacheing

    Propaganda sent out to Euro MPs

    Business 23 10:48

  • Yellow Dog brings Linux to blue Power Macs

    New Apples get Linux support at last

    Business 23 10:53

  • Supermicro launches Whitney mobos

    466MHz Celeron and 810 come next week, remember?

    Business 23 10:54

  • Singapore NatSemi staff get chopped

    165 go at fab

    Business 23 11:15

  • Crashing losses in Poland hit Datrontech’s bottom line

    Heads roll as debt soars and interest payments rocket

    Business 23 11:29

  • Iridium CEO breaks orbit

    Ailing satellite phone network loses second senior exec -- more to follow as debt deadline beckons?

    Business 23 11:46

  • SGI “disappointed” with Q3

    Loss narrows, but revenue falls too

    Business 23 11:46

  • Irish cut-price email to snailmail service launches

    At only 99 cents, that’s a real breath of fresh Eire

    Business 23 11:50

  • Porn site squats in cancer charity domain

    Network Solutions to blame as no renewal notice sent out

    Business 23 12:07

  • Hyundai to take apart business model

    Five baby Hyundais will replace big chaebol. It's a family concern

    Business 23 12:48

  • LG Semicon in Wales mothballed

    And Hyundai plant in Scotland mothballed too

    Business 23 15:35

  • Buyers of Intel notebooks, beware

    If you buy in the middle of the year you'll be sorry by September

    Business 23 16:01

  • Wall Street Journal develops sense of humour

    Silicon Graphics not that cool after all

    Business 23 16:24

  • New Red Hat COO could signal major Linux IPO

    If you start pulling in start-up veterans, public is often where you're going next

    Business 23 16:29

  • Linux already running on Merced, says Intel CEO

    So does Intel see Linux as ready to roll in the enterprise?

    Business 23 17:14