22nd April 1999 Archive

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  • Intel close to completing overclocking plans

    But can it be done?

    Business 22 07:28

  • Sub-$1000 Alpha Linux system close to launch

    And NT only ProLiant Alphas fall off Compaq roadmap

    Business 22 07:36

  • PairGain ‘mastermind’ faces huge PairLoss

    Hoke's troubles mounts as SEC files damages suit

    Business 22 07:51

  • Merced the Celeron of IA-64 platforms

    Look it's not dead, it's undead

    Business 22 07:54

  • Why Coppermine is Aluminium-mine

    Because Intel's not copper-bottomed

    Business 22 08:02

  • Dell at loggerheads with Intel

    Adopts Intergraph technology

    Business 22 08:21

  • Big Blue Q1 beats Street

    IBM turns 1998's $1 billion PC sales loss into 50 per cent increase

    Business 22 10:05

  • Microsoft CFO to dash to RoadRunner

    But will Bill let him?

    Business 22 10:20

  • MS readies witness list for DoJ Wars: Episode 2

    Sun VP, AOL CEO already lined up for depositions

    Business 22 10:29

  • S3 loss narrows

    But revenue remains static

    Business 22 10:58

  • Register hacked but not cracked

    Take out our competition instead, we request

    Business 22 11:16

  • Silly email signature prizes awarded

    We were under-whelmed with entries – please stop sending them

    Business 22 11:34

  • Sony wins second victory against PlayStation emulator

    Connectix must cease Virtual GameStation shipments, rules court

    Business 22 11:41

  • Cyrix, IBM rumour mill cranks up

    Insider says there's no truth to takeover...but

    Business 22 11:57

  • NEC delays PowerVR 250 – again

    Part now due in June -- a year after it was supposed to ship

    Business 22 12:05

  • AMD buys breathing space with Vantis sale

    Flogs PLD unit to Lattice (not Lettice) for $500 million

    Business 22 12:11

  • Psion Computers MD quits

    Goddjin goes, Levin leaps in

    Business 22 12:26

  • Who will follow Eckhard out of the door?

    Rumours of layoffs and re-structure grow but denied

    Business 22 12:41

  • Data Fellows to bolster channel with UK HQ

    They’ve started and they’re Finnish

    Business 22 14:31

  • AMD promises 550MHz K7 at launch

    So says the president of AMD Japan

    Business 22 14:42

  • UK telecomms industry is Y2K safe

    Industry watchdog defies millennium ebola

    Business 22 14:55

  • AMI intros 64-bit PCI, quad PIII/Xeon mobos

    A better board than Intel inside, company claims

    Business 22 14:59

  • High school gunmen Web name registered

    ISP claims rights to URL bearing gang’s name

    Business 22 15:06

  • Hyundai-LG Semi deal on

    And Hyundai to restructure tomorrow

    Business 22 15:12

  • Intel to face assault, libel and slander suit

    Techsearch LLC files against Chipzilla

    Business 22 15:45

  • Forget spam mail, how about chain mail?

    Knitzilla one, purlzilla another

    Business 22 19:49

  • End users to be burnt by drops in Pentium III pricing

    Unless, of course, they have money to burn

    Business 22 20:00