21st April 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq takes its earnings to the shrink

    More tin for less money

    Business 21 06:40

  • IBM to buy Cyrix from NatSemi?

    Rumours rife in valley

    Business 21 07:45

  • Caldera unveils simple install Linux system

    No expertise claimed to be needed for OpenLinux 2.2

    Business 21 08:19

  • Glowing MS figures mask major revenue decline

    Up on last year, but compared to Q2 they're not so clever...

    Business 21 08:22

  • Deutsche Telekom ducking competition via Italy deal

    Cash being used for overseas revenue, rather than head-on battle in German market

    Business 21 09:05

  • Win2k beta offer escapes notice of most MS subs

    They don't know what it is, and they certainly don't know what you get after the beta finishes

    Business 21 09:09

  • IDC slams press over reporting of NT ‘success’

    They don't give an accurate picture of where NT is really being used. Can't think who IDC means...

    Business 21 09:40

  • Figures suggest chip market on rise

    Bookings up by 14 per cent in March

    Business 21 09:52

  • Yahoo! sues spam merchants

    Wham! Bam! Spam you, ma'am!

    Business 21 10:59

  • PointCast rejects founder's buy-back offer

    Deadline on second bid passed with no move from push company

    Business 21 11:44

  • Compaq posts Q1 results

    Results disappointing, says acting boss Rosen

    Business 21 11:47

  • Hi-tech loses favour with HRH

    All but three of Queen's Technical Achievement gongs go to non-IT firms

    Business 21 11:52

  • HP unveils 24-7 unlimited Linux support

    Package backs any hardware, any Linux distribution

    Business 21 12:14

  • NSI URL monopoly ended

    ICANN to go ahead despite US government heel-dragging

    Business 21 15:53

  • Pan-Europe Net strike called for June

    Ten countries' users call for cheaper Net access

    Business 21 15:58

  • Europe's lack of network expertise critical

    The queue for network gurus starts here

    Business 21 16:03

  • Brits beat Y2K Bug

    Everything sorted for Y2K in UK, apparently...

    Business 21 16:12

  • searchUK guns for Inktomi

    Sock it 'tomi

    Business 21 16:33

  • Compaq Q1 profit down 50 per cent on predictions

    But Great Satan of Clones still makes bucket-loads of cash

    Business 21 17:14

  • RealNetworks' revenue up for 15th quarter

    Still hasn't made any money, though

    Business 21 17:43