20th April 1999 Archive

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  • MS goes for broke with $60 Win2k offer

    How many beta 3s will go out - do we hear a million? Two million? Tin hats, people...

    Business 20 07:31

  • Gates Comdex keynote skates over holes in Win2k beta

    So how much of Intellimirror and Active Directory will make it?

    Business 20 07:40

  • UK anti-spam minnow takes on US big fish

    Redoubles effort to pursue all spammers through the court

    Business 20 11:08

  • Open source server leads Apple streaming scheme

    Apple harnesses Linux fans' mindshare to beat Microsoft, RealNetworks

    Business 20 11:12

  • Fraud gang targets UK channel

    Police blame poor business practices for spate of crimes

    Business 20 12:12

  • Silly signatures – the saga continues

    Many thanks to all our lovely readers for their entries

    Business 20 12:55

  • Virgin sues customer for spamming

    Complains its reputation has been tarnished

    Business 20 12:57

  • Net users seek personality

    Silly signatures just a way of projecting a sense of individualism, it seems

    Business 20 12:58

  • Come on Eckhard, do the decent thing

    What about those people you laid off?

    Business 20 13:18

  • ThinkPads become fashion items

    Crazy, or what?

    Business 20 13:27

  • Hyundai seeks billion bucks to pay for LG

    Rights issue could mean Maxtor for sale sooner rather than later

    Business 20 13:52

  • Camino delay saves BX chipset

    440BX to live on for a while, but have those soldering irons ready

    Business 20 13:58

  • VIP attacks channel death rumour mill

    Open letter hits out at gossip mongers

    Business 20 15:24

  • Technology takes second place to Teletubbies

    Millennium Product list gives IT the cold shoulder

    Business 20 15:57

  • Schoolboys fight BT

    They can’t spell, and they’ve still got homework to do, but they mean business

    Business 20 16:05

  • Duke of Edinburgh hits out at Web porn

    Prince calls for moral majority to fight Net’s dark side

    Business 20 16:27

  • Linux needs MS Office to make breakthrough – report

    Ah, but does it? Linus Torvalds doesn't seem to think so, and nor do we

    Business 20 16:43

  • Gates climbs back onto Windows convergence train

    The last convergence plan only came off the agenda earlier this month, but here we go again anyway...

    Business 20 16:45