19th April 1999 Archive

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  • Gates book – hit or miss?

    It's either number 36 or number 5 in the best seller lists, depending...

    Business 19 Apr 07:02

  • Yocam was pushed from Inprise over earnings fall

    Company to split into two units

    Business 19 Apr 07:04

  • Apple to challenge MS with open source QuickTime

    Version 4.0 to bid for web streaming deals

    Business 19 Apr 07:07

  • Dixons sues AOL, claiming slander from CIS staff

    The embattled paid-for service is alleged to have been verballing Freeserve

    Business 19 Apr 07:08

  • French plan another Net strike for June

    Unlimited fixed fee access sought for Europe

    Business 19 Apr 08:59

  • Eckhard on Last Train to Wapping

    All dressed up and no-where to go

    Business 19 Apr 10:28

  • Phone chips pump up STMicro profits

    Shores up defences against hostile takeover

    Business 19 Apr 10:42

  • Palm slammed for Palm VII pricing

    Wireless Net access to follow cellphone, not ISP pricing model

    Business 19 Apr 10:46

  • Intel hides mobo light under a bushel shock

    Another Intel motherboard sneaks unnoticed onto the market

    Business 19 Apr 11:15

  • Dell increases Latitude

    Three new models on the cards

    Business 19 Apr 11:19

  • AMD hits back at Intel fab figures

    Claims it will have 30 per cent market share by 2001

    Business 19 Apr 11:20

  • eclipsis builds war chest for online travel offensive

    Internet Bookshop founder at the helm

    Business 19 Apr 11:29

  • Son of Chipzilla found on Microsoft site

    Dinosaur runs amok causing havoc and destruction

    Business 19 Apr 11:40

  • RealNetworks wins top telco backing

    Deal with AT&T, Sprint et al to boost bandwidth, battle Microsoft

    Business 19 Apr 11:41

  • Oracle and Microsoft share sports facilities

    Share showers, baths

    Business 19 Apr 11:49

  • Bookies start odds on Pfeiffer replacement

    Runners line up in Compaq desperation derby

    Business 19 Apr 12:12

  • KeyLabs touts ‘official’ Linux marque

    Java certifier wants to certify Linux. Corporates, vendors keen

    Business 19 Apr 12:20

  • Compaq: ‘20 per cent price cuts across the board’

    Taiwanese trade sources spill beans to Eurotrade

    Business 19 Apr 12:30

  • Chipzilla silly names department strikes again

    You couldn't make this up

    Business 19 Apr 12:37

  • Tire Kyckers slam Register silly email signatures report

    Must be something in the water

    Business 19 Apr 12:49

  • HK jails Net teen sex Brit

    Two years in Chokey

    Business 19 Apr 13:11

  • Memsolve ashes laid to rest (ish)

    Elf mops up bankrupt stock

    Business 19 Apr 13:24

  • Japanese economy staggers

    Doom-laden report set to trigger new Asian collapse

    Business 19 Apr 15:19

  • Excite is back in the black

    What's a key metric when it's @home?

    Business 19 Apr 15:22

  • Intel re-jigs Celeron plans in favour of Pentium IIIs

    Just check the roadmap out

    Business 19 Apr 15:26

  • Customers work for Netscape for free

    Now Lycos wants a piece of the action

    Business 19 Apr 15:33

  • Intel in Revelations avoidance shocker

    ...666? Not us mate

    Business 19 Apr 15:54

  • Microsoft-owned email service runs on FreeBSD, Apache

    Poor old Hotmail tried a migration to NT but it didn't work, apparently...

    Business 19 Apr 16:11

  • Hamidi forces Intel to argue Spam case

    Judge likely to say trial needed, with State funds

    Business 19 Apr 16:18

  • Anti-spammers petition European Parliament

    Spam &c...

    Business 19 Apr 16:20

  • Don't buy notebooks this Summer

    We reveal Intel's mobile roadmap

    Business 19 Apr 16:41