18th April 1999 Archive

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  • How Intel's geese lay golden eggs

    And why AMD is in a pickle

    Business 18 07:54

  • Cyrix 370 socket support tips up

    And yes, the pix are on a Japanese site

    Business 18 14:32

  • Deadhead site gets heavy letter over MP3 tapes, man…

    You can't publish Grateful Dead tapes on the Web, and you can't use the name - did Jerry die, or something?

    Business 18 16:19

  • MS Win2k rollout starts with 500k beta in May

    Let the hyping commence - but how finished is 'finished?'

    Business 18 17:46

  • Intel 810, 810e and 820 chipset specs leak out

    Add those to the i840 spex we leaked...

    Business 18 22:19

  • Updated: Pfeiffer ousted in Compaq shakeup

    And CFO Earl Mason heads for the hills

    Business 18 22:36