16th April 1999 Archive

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  • Transistors threaten to invade lebensraum

    The influential SIA reckons we'll have a billion each

    Business 16 07:54

  • ARM shows huge revenue boost

    British firm's profits jump by 91 per cent

    Business 16 08:01

  • Intel bang to rights on questionable business ethics

    Wall Street Journal plonks one on Chipzilla's nose

    Business 16 08:11

  • MS plans to lock users into Win2k as beta slips again

    With the preview machine finally cranking into action, it looks like Microsoft thinks it can see daylight

    Business 16 09:05

  • AltaVista to sell search result positioning

    But paying for keywords will increase the results' relevance, honest...

    Business 16 09:42

  • Raw Coppermine, K7 benchmarks found in school

    What can this mean?

    Business 16 10:20

  • UK Web sites offered a little Colombian go-faster extension

    Sounds like a silly idea, but it’s not to be snorted at carelessly

    Business 16 10:21

  • Intel readies more Rambus stop-gaps

    Can't get Direct DRAM? Er... try this... or that... or the other, says Chipzilla

    Business 16 10:35

  • DRAM manufacturers get it wrong again

    Stop, before it's too late

    Business 16 10:46

  • Vodafone takes on One-2-One in cut price mobile war

    Orange and Cellnet expected to enter fray next week

    Business 16 11:00

  • 3Com restructure claims 150 jobs

    Organises client network product divisions into single unit after poor Q4 results

    Business 16 11:06

  • FTC commissioner thinks Intel settlement hard to police

    Intel not a monopoly -- official

    Business 16 11:19

  • Sun profits, revenues up 25 per cent

    Surprise, surprise

    Business 16 11:29

  • Web currency not as half-baked as it seems

    Founder knows how many Beenz make five

    Business 16 11:50

  • Cellnet chooses Bury for home of new call centre

    Can't get enough of that accent -- we teach you how to speak it

    Business 16 12:12

  • Sony, IBM partner on digital music delivery system

    Look out, Microsoft

    Business 16 12:21

  • Silly email signatures come under fire

    Well, we don’t like them anyway

    Business 16 12:34

  • IT recruitment agency will make founders millionaires

    Overall industry set to cool down though

    Business 16 13:01

  • Amazon sues Amazon 3

    Microsoft-style tactics threaten 28-year-old business, says litigant, why shouldn't we fight?

    Business 16 13:01

  • MS starts Win2k push by offering server version for $125

    And we think we can hear another of those biggest ever public betas getting ready off-stage...

    Business 16 14:18

  • Iomega makes money again (ish)

    But revenue is down, and job cuts are coming, warns CEO

    Business 16 15:47

  • PairGain bogus news man arrested

    Fake bulletin could put him inside for ten years

    Business 16 16:08

  • US coders half as productive as everyone else

    International programmers write 16,700 lines per year -- Americans do 7700 lines

    Business 16 16:13

  • Ex-Info’Products employee wins his day in court

    Compel hands over £1,000 for deducted commission

    Business 16 16:21