15th April 1999 Archive

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  • Intel will socket it, we'll see

    Number of pins now the issue

    Business 15 Apr 07:44

  • AMD to ship K7 in July

    And Dell in company's sights

    Business 15 Apr 08:04

  • Hardware site claims Transmeta scoop

    Upgradeable CPU?

    Business 15 Apr 08:14

  • McKinley was assassinated, wasn't he?

    So what's the future of the Intel chip

    Business 15 Apr 08:21

  • Gates: Free software and Linux are doomed

    In the teeth of the evidence, Bill Gates continues to trot out the old Microsoft script

    Business 15 Apr 09:11

  • AMD posts huge loss

    Best thing about Q1 is it's gone, Sanders says

    Business 15 Apr 10:22

  • Chipzilla sockets it to us…

    More details emerge on slots vs sockets

    Business 15 Apr 10:27

  • Intel to roll out 840 chipset in summer

    The 820, of course, is late

    Business 15 Apr 10:29

  • Apple growth twice industry average – almost

    Q2 profits, revenues, margins up, inventory down

    Business 15 Apr 11:01

  • Apple brings Beetle man on board

    Ex-Volkwagen marketing chief to oversee Apple ads

    Business 15 Apr 11:15

  • Shortage of screens to push up notebook prices

    Demand for flat-screen monitors is blamed

    Business 15 Apr 11:20

  • Careless email is like giving a child a gun

    Oh no it isn't

    Business 15 Apr 11:27

  • Amazon sues Amazon

    Bookstores slug it out over name. World's largest river "consulting my legal people"

    Business 15 Apr 11:38

  • Ex-ilion faculty MD joins US company

    Jones to lead European invasion

    Business 15 Apr 11:55

  • Action sees profit slip as search for buyer continues

    Deal could be a matter of weeks away, despite financial woes

    Business 15 Apr 12:06

  • Kiddie porn stunt fails to hit Euro leaders

    Queen has received no smut from Belgian activists

    Business 15 Apr 12:44

  • Evesham takes PC price war below £300 mark

    Cut-price PC not a response to Dixons, assembler claims

    Business 15 Apr 12:49

  • Amazon sues Amazon 2

    Amazons take up arms against leading Net bookstore

    Business 15 Apr 14:48

  • ilion in talks with prospective buyers – official

    Distributor confirms acquisition talks are taking place

    Business 15 Apr 14:59

  • IBM enters whacky domain land

    Blue Buddha? Is it sure?

    Business 15 Apr 15:08

  • Shareholders kick AMD while it's down

    More class action hailstones follow bad results

    Business 15 Apr 15:15

  • MS releases Win95 Y2K fix

    And starts being really careful about checking your components, too...

    Business 15 Apr 15:56

  • Corel: Linux to thrive like Windows in next ten years

    But can Corel really wait that long?

    Business 15 Apr 15:57

  • Willamette “will outperform K7 by 2X”

    Great Satan of Chips set to hit clock speed of the beast 12 months ahead of AMD…

    Business 15 Apr 16:14

  • Siemens changes name to Infineon

    Low key announcement could herald sell-off

    Business 15 Apr 16:42

  • StorageTek lays off 500 staff

    Takes a $25 million hit to cover charges

    Business 15 Apr 17:08

  • Intel will pay $3K for AMD's K7

    But we will only pay $2,000 for one, if one is out there...

    Business 15 Apr 22:21