14th April 1999 Archive

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  • AMD K6-III thrashes Intel on Linux compilation

    Sixteen per cent faster, hardware site claims

    Business 14 06:22

  • Motorola shows gains in Q1

    Claws way back in semiconductor market

    Business 14 06:33

  • Puffajackets get reprieve as Psion Dacom wins big deal

    Curl gone but IBM deal on cards

    Business 14 06:57

  • Apple and Intel: the canary pecks back

    Remember Star Trek?

    Business 14 08:55

  • Dyson sweeps back into ilion faculty top spot

    Co-founder of training facility moves back to take reins

    Business 14 11:34

  • Phone war breaks out as One-2-One takes on BT

    Who needs a phone in their home

    Business 14 11:38

  • Linux camp slashes out at ‘NT beats Linux’ survey

    Microsoft paid for the 'maimed' survey, now it looks like Mindcraft is going to pay for it too...

    Business 14 11:39

  • Microsoft launches MP3 killer

    RealNetworks had better watch out too

    Business 14 11:48

  • Seagate Q3 profits up

    But Q4 revenue growth may be slow

    Business 14 12:06

  • Gates: ‘store your digital life records on the Internet’

    And you couldn't make it up -- they're putting his Altair code in a paper bag made out of lead

    Business 14 12:20

  • Palm widens scope for cloners

    Palm clones due in "six to nine months", says president

    Business 14 12:30

  • Gung-ho US lawyers attack German Web man over holiday picture

    Family snap of the Grand Canyon sparks over zealous litigation

    Business 14 16:25

  • Microsoft qualifications make your staff more attractive

    More attractive to your competitors, that is

    Business 14 16:32

  • Pfeiffer very unhappy about Intel Merced

    Eckhard shakes his head and says sorry

    Business 14 19:30