13th April 1999 Archive

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  • Palm to hit 60 per cent share by 2003 – report

    But the research may be blindsided by new entrants...

    Business 13 08:42

  • IBM rolls out fastest JVM, plans Linux version

    Big Blue aims at MS with compliance and speed

    Business 13 08:44

  • Games vendors to ‘blame’ for murdered students

    Sony, Nintendo and Sega in the dock

    Business 13 08:46

  • Taiwanese sue Micron – for dumping!

    Micron DRAM 'cheaper' in Taiwan than in US

    Business 13 09:12

  • MS thin server details thin on the ground

    But our Graham has a few ideas...

    Business 13 09:58

  • Gates interview undermines MS witness testimony

    Now Schmalensee's 'bits of paper' claims look even less plausible...

    Business 13 10:57

  • Mobile computing market to double in Europe by 2005

    Survey finds high demand for cheap, robust portables leading the way

    Business 13 11:12

  • eBay fixes price of shares

    IPO to raise over $1 billion

    Business 13 11:13

  • Who do you want to sue today? KDE?

    That pesky satirical slogan just keeps popping up...

    Business 13 11:26

  • Lovelorn computer users miss out on romance

    Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand that I might kiss that Geek

    Business 13 11:32

  • CBS sets sights on Internet

    New media means new markets, says US giant

    Business 13 11:43

  • Welsh speakers blast BT’s language policy

    It’s good to talk - but only in English

    Business 13 12:12

  • Tesco will not spin-off its ISP

    Will use it to keep people shopping - every little helps

    Business 13 12:33

  • Direct path will solve Compaq woes

    Thin end of Dell-shaped wedge, Simon Meredith reckons

    Business 13 12:57

  • Wintel Easy PC – the substance-free initiative?

    Microsoft seems to have hijacked Intel's cunning plan -- is it clever, or just desperate?

    Business 13 14:15

  • And Silicon Graphics is now… SGI

    Its called brand flexibility

    Business 13 14:36

  • Mishaps mar Microsoft Office 2000 meet

    What went right? we wonder

    Business 13 14:55

  • Apple to move on Merced

    Shift away from PowerPC just Intel spin, but Merced support is something else...

    Business 13 14:58

  • Apple to move on Merced


    Business 13 15:01

  • Apple to move on Merced


    Business 13 15:03

  • Cisco shells out $2bn for CTI house

    Spreads telecom wings

    Business 13 15:18

  • Chipzilla wants to entice you into online shopping

    Will lure you with Excite’s friendly front end, apparently

    Business 13 15:23

  • New man at the top to push Freeserve IPO

    Dixons’ financial whizz kid takes reins at ISP

    Business 13 15:25

  • Thin client resellers to get Boundless help

    New gongs a-plenty from the boys from Brum

    Business 13 15:27

  • RealNetworks buys Xing MP3 technology

    Encoding, streaming specialist snapped up for $75 million

    Business 13 15:53

  • a2b unveils latest digital music player, format

    Sounds better than MP3, downloads faster. Got that, SDMI?

    Business 13 16:17

  • BT enlists help of ugly little bald chap for TV ads

    It was never like this in Bob Hoskins’ day

    Business 13 16:20

  • One-stop maintenance shop from Boundless

    Aims to bring down network management costs

    Business 13 16:25

  • UK mobile giant develops number that follows you around

    Phone detects when you leave the house - diverts calls to you

    Business 13 17:41

  • Cisco buys GeoTel for $2 billion

    Great Satan of Net on buying trail again

    Business 13 18:00

  • Intel preparing socket for Pentium III

    Expect the designs mid-yearish

    Business 13 18:15

  • Intel makes $2 billion profit in Q1

    But Q2 will be flat, Barrett warns

    Business 13 20:52

  • British monarchy besieged by Net child porn stunt

    Belgian anti-porn group wants to end Net smut

    Business 13 21:39

  • AMD reveals more K7 details

    Winhec presentation spills some multiprocessor beans

    Business 13 21:41