12th April 1999 Archive

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  • CDMA's ‘big China win’ recedes as trade talks stall

    As the embattled standard fails to go live in China, GSM and TDMA are stealing all the prizes

    Business 12 09:07

  • MS warns of thinner times in European PC market

    Is the Redmond revenue train approaching the buffers at last?

    Business 12 09:10

  • Intel admits manufacturing Achilles' Heel

    Needs water and electricity but depends on utilities. Debate on Greek names ramps up...

    Business 12 09:13

  • $320 million deal to drive One2One expansion

    Ericsson to supply base station kit

    Business 12 10:00

  • Intel Coppermine to have 256K on die

    Xeons and Pentium IIIs both

    Business 12 10:05

  • Western Digital sells media business to Komag

    Takes $20 million charge, axes 550 jobs

    Business 12 10:10

  • Intel chops prices today…

    … at this rate they’ll soon be paying you to take 'em away

    Business 12 10:22

  • Bleem beats Sony

    Round one of anti-emulation case goes against Japanese giant

    Business 12 10:40

  • Internet fraud on increase

    Half of complaints to Visa Net related

    Business 12 10:46

  • Be readies BeOS 4.5, consumer drive

    Next BeOS release dropped to make way for PIII, USB support

    Business 12 11:21

  • Pfeiffer to talk on shock profit warning today

    We're all a quiver

    Business 12 11:56

  • Game accepts Electronics Boutique offer

    Merged companies to retain own branding

    Business 12 12:00

  • Intel OEMs face tough ride ahead

    Intel's on the road to, er, you tell us

    Business 12 12:07

  • RealNetworks backs IBM digital music system

    Streaming media specialist to create consumer front end to Project Madison

    Business 12 12:13

  • ISP launches toll-free Net access for the sleepless

    X-Stream service only available from 12am to 2am, Monday to Thursday

    Business 12 12:27

  • 3dfx tech support says yes to Wrappers

    So why are the legal boys trying to kill them, then?

    Business 12 12:44

  • Net millionaires crash Sunday Times wealthiest Britons list

    And it's all down to stock trading

    Business 12 14:52

  • Eckhard Pfeiffer gives Innovate bad news

    It's sad but it's true

    Business 12 15:03

  • Microsoft ‘dresses up’ Office 2000

    There's no bugs whatever -- official

    Business 12 15:14

  • ICL says Fridges are Office 2000 compliant

    It must be cool, then…

    Business 12 15:40

  • Ziff-Davis takes questionably strange position

    And it believes in the following...

    Business 12 15:55

  • 2.4GHz dead – official

    Proxim reckons HyperLAN is where it's at for wireless

    Business 12 16:08

  • Voice over IP services to make $13.76 billion

    Businesses to sign up in droves as cost falls

    Business 12 16:12

  • The Register: a mission statement

    Trust us, we're journalists

    Business 12 16:15

  • Dixons explores Freeserve sell-off

    IPO leads list of options

    Business 12 16:21

  • Digital Nervous System not Bill Gates' idea

    Will the real DNS inventor please step forward

    Business 12 16:28

  • One C2000 warehouse fits all

    Kicks off with IBM

    Business 12 17:11