11th April 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq to snub Intel at Innovate

    Microsoft-Compaq alliance means Win64-Alpha boots Merced

    Business 11 05:52

  • Barrage of legal actions hit Compaq

    Six in the last two weeks

    Business 11 07:15

  • Rock to quit Intel board

    Money man takes back seat

    Business 11 07:34

  • MS going for Linux sites over satirical slogans?

    Wisecracks beginning 'Where do you want to go..' are raising Redmond's ire

    Business 11 08:46

  • Transmeta struggling to make silicon sing

    Low power equals low performance

    Business 11 18:22

  • Intel works with Apple as PowerPC left out on limb

    If Apple waves bye-bye, will Iridium save its bacon?

    Business 11 18:40

  • Web petition organised against Tiananmen Sq outrage

    Global petition recalls events of 10 years ago

    Business 11 19:02