9th April 1999 Archive

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  • Only the paraspinmedics survive

    Is AMD worse or better than Intel?

    Business 09 00:54

  • MS judge releases ‘secret’ depositions

    Thousands more pages - aren't we the lucky ones?

    Business 09 07:48

  • Will 64-bit Win2k for Merced ship later rather than sooner?

    This week's 'impressive' demo leaves a lot of questions unanswered

    Business 09 08:55

  • Gore Web site breaches own pet privacy laws

    And for an encore, the hapless veep annoys the Open Source lobby...

    Business 09 09:00

  • MS to ship new Win98 in May – annual rental here we come?

    As we said in the first place, bundling bugfixes and enhancements is a lot easier than building a new OS

    Business 09 09:56

  • InterNIC sells WebTechs domain name to porn site

    Moral: keep up with the payments

    Business 09 09:57

  • Camino cockup panics Chipzilla

    Rushes out stopgap PIII...

    Business 09 10:34

  • Chip cost chop continues

    Intel drops 'em again this weekend...

    Business 09 10:35

  • ATI leaks details of Rage 128 Pro

    Anti-nVidia spoiler reveals fast, feature-rich boards due in July

    Business 09 10:47

  • Japanese boffin claims 200MHz FSB invention

    On any motherboard, he says

    Business 09 10:56

  • WinHEC keynotes show MS losing Windows plot

    Somehow the roadmap has got rockier, and it isn't as easy as it should have been by now

    Business 09 11:03

  • Cisco on buying spree again

    Snaps up two companies

    Business 09 11:06

  • MS denies Win98 part two is paid-for service pack

    There will be a free service pack too, Redmonds sniffs...

    Business 09 11:08

  • Bart Simpson exposed as Melissa mastermind

    Bad diet? Pallid complexion? It was obvious all along, really...

    Business 09 11:19

  • Chip trade body welcomes Red China, US accord

    Because its members will be able to sell more chips

    Business 09 11:23

  • Sony's anti-emulation action comes to court

    PlayStation emulators from Bleem and Connectix to be challenged separately today

    Business 09 11:23

  • NASCR races to out-perform FreeServe

    High bandwidth free ISP service to be launched on Sunday

    Business 09 11:27

  • Government seeks last word on cellphone health scares

    National Radiological Protection Board to investigate

    Business 09 11:31

  • Sony president announces Netman digital music player

    Be afraid, Diamond, be very afraid...

    Business 09 11:54

  • DRAM makers pin profit hopes on 128Mb production

    Taiwanese competition means even lower 64Mb prices

    Business 09 12:00

  • Moscow government to support Merced killer

    Elbrus gets funding for E2k project. Be afraid, Chipzilla

    Business 09 12:11

  • SCSI die-hards release roadmap

    640MBps bandwidth to hold back 1394, Fibre Channel

    Business 09 12:37

  • Embarcadero drops direct-only sales strategy

    Opens doors to resellers across Europe

    Business 09 12:43

  • Melissa programmer freed on bail

    Grand Jury trial to follow shortly

    Business 09 12:49

  • Microsoft hints at Windows rental – again

    Consumers to get annual updates and annual fees...

    Business 09 12:55

  • The AMD K7 story – it's a limited edition

    We're still waiting for high speed K6-IIIs. The rare bird concerned has hen's teeth

    Business 09 15:32

  • Fake news fraud powers Pairgain stock

    Quelle surprise -- it happens all the time, claim analysts

    Business 09 15:34

  • Euro ISP revenues hit all-time high

    But growth to begin easing off this year

    Business 09 15:40

  • IBM to offer entire range direct via Web

    Takes leaf out of Dell's book

    Business 09 16:30

  • Will Dell buy IBM's PC business?

    Big Blue says no, but they would say that...

    Business 09 16:45

  • Dell will ship iMac clone

    Michael Dell chases Apple to pacify Wall Street

    Business 09 16:54