8th April 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft mulls open source models

    But don't hold your breath, and if it happens, check out the horse's dentistry carefully...

    Business 08 07:17

  • Ballmer confirms two new versions of Windows 9x due

    MS completes code merger climb-down, and contemplates hitting users twice for $90 in the one 12 month period

    Business 08 07:19

  • MS, Intel demo mutant thin server appliance

    It's not thin, it's not cheap, and it doesn't do much bar file and print. Welcome to the twilight zone...

    Business 08 08:07

  • Intel breaks own NDA on server roadmap

    If you can't beat 'em up, join 'em

    Business 08 08:33

  • NEC tests cheap GPS PC Card

    News from Russia

    Business 08 09:02

  • MSN UK user figures plummet

    Membership believed to be down 20 per cent

    Business 08 09:21

  • Nvidia claims graphics breakthrough

    Integrates transform and lighting on one chip

    Business 08 09:28

  • Tandem-Digital tango reveals Compaq as puppetmaster

    64-bit cross compatibility the idea

    Business 08 09:37

  • HP to debut Merced-ready box Monday

    Eight way system will start with PA Risc chip

    Business 08 10:17

  • Deep schisms mar Compaq 64-bit plans

    Two divisions united by lack of agreement

    Business 08 10:20

  • MS keeps mum on NT

    Microsoft: the news is there is no news. The Register: Eh?

    Business 08 10:48

  • Post-flu Asia to spend, spend, spend on IT

    Market researcher predicts $100 billion spending spree due real soon now

    Business 08 11:00

  • Official: cellphones won't maim your brain

    Mild heating, yes; memory loss, neuron scrambling, no

    Business 08 11:31

  • LineOne wins £12 million boost

    Free ISP's backers, BT and United News & Media, buy out third investor, News Corp

    Business 08 11:34

  • Rage 128 drives up ATI Q2 figures

    Company's domination of graphics accelerator market continues undiminished

    Business 08 11:57

  • Lernout and Hauspie results show massive rise

    There's dosh in that there speech recogition

    Business 08 12:17

  • LG introduces MP3 player

    This market is going places

    Business 08 12:30

  • MS adopts Sun ‘open source’ model for UPnP

    Source code to be free, development to be led by six-company Forum

    Business 08 12:39

  • Computer thieves as sophisticated as resellers

    PC burglars swot up on latest market research, in-demand brands

    Business 08 14:50

  • Apple dubs upcoming consumer portable ‘iBook’

    And its ready to ship new, 333MHz iMac

    Business 08 15:17

  • 3dfx wraps up wrapper Web sites

    Legal muscle used to prevent its graphics language being ported to other 3D hardware

    Business 08 15:59

  • Channon swoops on ilion – in concert with Landis boss

    Looks like he's trying to buy his former company

    Business 08 16:00

  • Growth of Maxtor suggests Seagate takeover

    Hard drive market goes through revolution

    Business 08 16:57

  • IDT will produce S370 processor

    But we're talking next year, say sources

    Business 08 17:14

  • VideoLogic lands STMicroelectronics deal

    Hurrah another customer -- and it's a biggie

    Business 08 17:19

  • AMD's K7 will be late or maybe risky

    AMD admits yield problem on whole chip front

    Business 08 17:40