7th April 1999 Archive

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  • Dell jumps into preconfigured Linux Web sales

    But it's not a breach with Microsoft, honest...

    Business 07 07:33

  • Spyglass deal to boost MS appliance capability?

    Small but perfectly-formed Spyglass helps Redmond out. Again.

    Business 07 07:35

  • FreeServe charging double for tech support calls

    Free ISP still charging £1 a minute despite introducing 50p-a-minute in February

    Business 07 09:51

  • Sun brings native NT services to Solaris servers

    PC Netlink/Cascade unveiled at last alongised NT co-processor card, reseller programme

    Business 07 09:59

  • Palm parody pulled

    3Com axes spoof ad attacking its politically incorrect Palm campaign

    Business 07 10:19

  • Apple appoints ex-Beetle marketing chief

    Former Volkwagen marketing boss to become Apple VP Marketing

    Business 07 10:43

  • Compaq to endorse Monterey

    What can this mean for Tru64?

    Business 07 10:53

  • Win 2000 will launch on 6 October (maybe) and intact (maybe)

    Microsoft playing very safe

    Business 07 10:57

  • Son of Wolfpack baptised by Big Blue

    Cornhusker to arrive this quarter

    Business 07 10:58

  • IBM, SCO and Sequent bullish about Monterey

    Big Blue claims to have solved endian problem

    Business 07 11:11

  • IBM spells out details of eight way Profusion box

    Available in Q3...hi Intel

    Business 07 11:19

  • ‘Re-invented’ HP appoints top execs

    But where's the guiding light?

    Business 07 11:28

  • UK ISP to set alight Net access with satellite link

    High speed connection said to be quicker than ISDN. That fast huh?

    Business 07 11:33

  • Amiga chief outlines plans

    Collas hits out at Gateway "mismanagement"

    Business 07 11:52

  • MS blames Sun for plan to de-emphasise Visual J

    Great Stan spokesman trots out standard 'innovation threat' line

    Business 07 12:03

  • TDK pops Portable in PPCP's place

    Who dropped who, why and when?

    Business 07 12:31

  • UK shares soar as Brits go mobile-mad

    Two million buy the gadgets

    Business 07 12:32

  • Merced seeks 70 babes in the wood

    But we won't see systems until the end of next year

    Business 07 12:41

  • Sony talking to Citrix about Playstation licence

    Run your Windows apps on a Sony platform

    Business 07 12:54

  • Intel, Farallon launch home networking line

    Chip company plays Mac, shipping first cards to head off rival 3Com/Microsoft efforts

    Business 07 12:59

  • IE 5 boosts MS' browser marketshare

    But not by very much

    Business 07 15:34

  • Big Blue catches cold with PC virus

    Almighty coryza strikes Aptivas

    Business 07 15:36

  • South Carolina not to get Microsoft plant

    Dropping legal action against MS made no difference in the end...

    Business 07 15:40

  • Tatung takes Cyrix WebPad route

    It's mass market stuff...

    Business 07 15:41

  • IBM denies any dispute with Intel over bus direction

    Battle, what battle?

    Business 07 15:43

  • Eubanx to join Oblix

    Departing Symantec CEO to stay until a successor is found

    Business 07 15:53

  • Network Associates beaten up on stock market

    Profit warnings and the like take toll

    Business 07 16:33

  • BMG and Universal team up on Web

    Market-defining e-commerce pact signed weeks ago -- anouncement comes at last

    Business 07 16:37

  • Reseller and pregnant wife survive helicopter crash

    Millionaire rescued from drink

    Business 07 16:44

  • Intel Corollary technology late

    Waiting for that chipset...

    Business 07 16:48