6th April 1999 Archive

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  • Internet set to run out of names

    Yes it's official - demand outstrips supply and it all ends in tears

    Business 06 02:47

  • India's billion thinks Compaq is DeskPoor

    Imagine what the situation is like in Nigeria...

    Business 06 05:25

  • Chipzilla screams at IT world's most famous Belgian

    Do you recognise us, Gaston? Here's $30 million that says you do

    Business 06 05:37

  • Intel applies famous CPU price fork…

    ...and why the grey CPU market works

    Business 06 06:06

  • Good morning Silicon Carbide Valley

    Doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

    Business 06 06:16

  • Hardware freaks overclock 300 Celeron to 600MHz

    It's supercooled

    Business 06 06:56

  • Naked RDRAM pix found on Happy Cat site

    There's gold in them thar edge connectors

    Business 06 07:41

  • IT outfits creep up Fortune 500

    They mostly did better, but autos and oil still hold the top slots

    Business 06 08:08

  • Microsoft teams with EFF to push Web privacy

    Sleep easy - Redmond will look after your personal data...

    Business 06 08:11

  • NT Embedded – a solution in search of a problem?

    You can do some interesting things with Microsoft's latest, but why would you want to?

    Business 06 09:05

  • c't anti-spam campaign gets Melissa boost

    UK netizens might think twice now

    Business 06 09:57

  • Intel makes no comment on Coppermine cache

    Will we, won't we see 64K L1 cache in Coppermine?

    Business 06 10:17

  • Unshackle ecommerce, say UK lawyers

    Government warned not to stifle development with red tape

    Business 06 10:29

  • IBM rolls out four way H70 kit

    Rack mounted systems have application failover

    Business 06 10:48

  • Journalist beats-off Microsoft subpoeana

    Hats off to Dan Goodin for hanging in there - and brickbats to Yahoo for not

    Business 06 10:50

  • Industry chip association says sales levelling out

    Sales total $10.88 billion in February

    Business 06 11:01

  • Melissa virus targeted by UK retail giant

    WH Smith Web site offers help as a new virus looms on the horizon

    Business 06 11:35

  • S3, Via confirm chip cooperation

    Where does that leave Intel?

    Business 06 11:48

  • Internet set to run out of names

    Yes it's official - demand outstrips supply and it all ends in tears

    Business 06 14:47

  • OMG shrugs collective shoulders at Linux

    Is there much money in Linux, anyway?

    Business 06 15:59

  • Web software consolidation as JSB snaps up Kansmen

    First post-float acquisition for UK Web access firm

    Business 06 15:59

  • LG fiddles while Mexico iMac plant burns

    Will Apple's Q3 results be affected?

    Business 06 16:21

  • PointCast ex-CEO looks to re-acquire company

    Founder Hassett wants back in

    Business 06 16:29

  • Yahoo! and Micron team up to provide small business service

    Direct seller brings portal into people's homes

    Business 06 16:36