5th April 1999 Archive

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  • Inprise in play after Yocam splits?

    Will the company seek new management, or a buyer?

    Business 05 13:35

  • Opinion: Office virus points toward a bigger hole

    The software business is integrating and automating on sand, folks...

    Business 05 14:26

  • MS climbs down on Win95 Y2K bug fix – maybe

    Noises coming out of Redmond suggest the 'let them eat Win98' policy may have been modified

    Business 05 16:29

  • Processors for the People

    Taylor Made

    Business 05 17:13

  • AMD goes K6-2/475

    Battle of TweedleAMD and TweedleDUM continues

    Business 05 17:22

  • Intel half a Great Beast with 333 mobile Celeron

    Adds low voltage version of mobile Celeron, PII too

    Business 05 17:55