3rd April 1999 Archive

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  • Intel Celeron under threat from NatSemi-Cyrix front

    Company to unveil x86 chip to drive down prices more

    Business 03 07:53

  • IDT chip info crawls above parapet

    Shall we socket and see 370 pins?

    Business 03 09:09

  • Intel searches for more Merced babes in wood

    McKinley will start at 1000MHz as Satan Clara goes job mad

    Business 03 09:29

  • SEC filing shows depth of AMD CPU concerns

    Future third party plans take shape

    Business 03 10:34

  • Microsoft to invest in Portugal Telecom

    Little escudos for TV Cabo

    Business 03 15:43

  • Microsoft fixes IE 5, IE 4, Win98 software

    There's a whole heap of bug fixes now

    Business 03 16:20

  • AMD-Motorola deal takes form

    SEC filing fills in some of the *****

    Business 03 16:35