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Xemplar MD to replace departing Apple UK boss

UpdateApple UK has announced its interim management structure to take effect following the departure of regional general manager and MD Jon Molyneux at the end of this month. Yesterday, we revealed that Molyneux is off to head Yellow Pages-style Internet directory service Scoot.com. Brendan O'Sullivan, currently MD of Apple's education-oriented reseller subsidiary, Xemplar, will become acting general manager, reporting directly to Diego Piacentinini, VP and general manager for Apple Europe. Apple UK PR manager David Millar said that the company has begun to seek a full-time replacement for Molyneux. That said, it's worth noting the way Apple interim executives quickly become non-interim, despite maintaining the title. So O'Sullivan has to be reckoned prime candidate for Molyneux's position. ® * Apple has appointed Dave Kelly as channel director. Kelly will be responsible for the development and growth of the company's channels to market. He joins the UK team from Apple Europe, where he headed product management and product marketing.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 1999

AMD gets Penguin seal of approval

A turnkey solutions provider is to make Linux systems using AMD chips. The boxes, made by Penguin Computing, will start at $990. Penguin Computing claimed that the K6-III processors will give the same performance as Intel's Pentium III platforms. The AMD boxes will include technical support at no charge and 24/7 onsite support. The company's Web site is here. ®
Mike Magee, 02 Apr 1999

AMD confirms 1GHz chip to arrive in 2000

Hardware site PC Velocity has interviewed an AMD spin paramedic who is claiming it will have a 1GHz processor by next year. We exclusively predicted this at the end of last year. (Story: AMD plans 1000MHz copper whopper) And the interview also claims that next year we will see AMD processors using copper technology, as already revealed here. AMD is following a long line of other processor companies which say they will also have GHz processors real soon now. According to the interview, conducted with AMD PR Drew Prairie, AMD remains on track for .18 micron technology this year. And, said Prairie: "Copper is on tap for 2000. Gigahertz in 2000 is the goal." He said that ALi and VIA have announced support for the K7 and AMD also has relationships with 30 other motherboard vendors. But Prairie said that there's still life in the Super Seven motherboard technology and gave little indication it will follow Intel, Rise, Cyrix and IDT by offering Socket 370 solutions. ®
Mike Magee, 02 Apr 1999
Double Facepalm; when one facepalm is not enough.

PointCast sacks third of workforce

Troubled push technology provider PointCast has adopted a back to basics plan and fired 75 of its 220-strong workforce following the collapse of negotiations to sell the company to a group of US local telcos.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 1999

Friday News Roundup

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK but the skeleton staff will continue to bring you updates from around the world. This file will be updated during the day with news in brief but watch out for other stories as they break. ® Philips extends bid period for VLSI Dutch firm Philips said it would extend the period of its $17 cash share offer to VLSI shareholders until the 16th of April. AMD, Intel file SEC report On the 29th of March, AMD filed a form 10K with the US Securities and Equity Commission (SEC) which is of considerable interest. As well as saying that it was uncertain about the success of its microprocessor strategy, there is also a long section which covers its cross-licensing agreement with Motorola. Intel filed its form 10K on the same day. More on this later. Singapore secret society Webmaster jailed The Singapore English language Straits Times is reporting that 19 year old Chang Wei Tat was jailed for two months after he set up a Tong Web page. Cable & Wireless sues MCI WorldCom In a lawsuit filed in the Delaware court, C&W has alleged it lost customers and revenue following its acquisition of MCI's Internet assets after the WorldCom's takeover of the US company. C&W claimed MCI WorldCom failed to effectively transfer MCI's Internet customers, hindered its ability to operate the Internet business and targeted former MCI Internet customers for marketing promotions. It also claimed it incurred significant recruiting costs to fill staffing positions that MCI WorldCom failed to transfer. It is seeking unspecified monetary damages.
Team Register, 02 Apr 1999

Mozilla.org evangelist quits

Jamie Zawinski, one of the founding members of Mozilla.org, the body charged with overseeing the open source development of Netscape Communicator 5.0, has quit. And the separation has been anything but amicable — Zawinski’s reasons for leaving, posted on his Web site, contain a barrage of complaints against Mozilla.org, Netscape, and its new owner, AOL.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 1999

Alleged Melissa maker nicked

US police yesterday arrested David L Smith, a network programmer for an unnamed software developer, as the alleged perpetrator of the Melissa Windows email virus. The 30-year-old Smith was charged with interfering with a public communication system. If convicted, he faces a sentence of five to ten years in prison and a maximum fine of $150,000. According to a spokeswoman for US Attorney General Peter Verniero, Smith was tracked down with the help of AOL technical staff. It is believed the unique ID added to documents created by Microsoft application was used to pinpoint Smith's location. However, this was not confirmed by the spokeswoman. Police and FBI agents then conducted an investigation in Smith's New Jersey neighbourhood, and eventually located him in his brother's home. Once charged, Smith was released on $100,000 bail. ®

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