1st April 1999 Archive

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  • eBay rival offers 12,000 free PCs

    What's the catch? There isn't one, apparently

    Business 01 09:37

  • Nine loves of Bill Gates revealed

    Sources tell us all

    Business 01 09:37

  • Corel WordPerfect bundling deal unveiled

    Hong Kong motherboard manufacture the partner, not a "major PC vendor", as promised

    Business 01 09:38

  • Register bids to buy CMP and Techweb

    We want the lot and we don't mind paying

    Business 01 09:38

  • Memsolve meeting put off by two weeks

    Creditors seek more time to prepare

    Business 01 09:40

  • Future server I/O co-operation talks collapse

    Intel to bomb IBM?

    Business 01 09:40

  • Pino Collapso – another distributor bites the dust

    Manchester-based components distie adds its name to receivership roll call

    Business 01 09:43

  • MS trial schedules slips towards 2000

    And The Register opens its 'predict the result day' competition

    Business 01 09:45

  • Murky financials may haunt AOL, Netscape, Sun deal

    The complex arrangements seem to have a lot to do with what you'd call tax mitigation strategies

    Business 01 09:47

  • Fake ASUS motherboards circulate in Europe

    5,000 found in France

    Business 01 09:59

  • Liquidators appointed at Roldec

    Time runs out for Brummie mail-order reseller

    Business 01 10:20

  • nVidia, Guillemot to pre-sell Riva TNT2s

    Claims massive pre-demand

    Business 01 10:21

  • Apple UK MD scoots off

    Molynuex to join Yellow Pages wannabe Scoot.com in June

    Business 01 10:31

  • Chip market showed steep decline in 1998

    Japanese companies show steepest fall

    Business 01 10:37

  • British Queen to beg Koreans for more money

    Visits chaebols in April

    Business 01 10:52

  • Bullish mood continues as Skillsgroup makes third acquisition

    Cap Gemini’s training arm folded into QA Training

    Business 01 10:57

  • ATI quick to Rage at WinHEC

    Performance boost of 30 per cent

    Business 01 11:10

  • IDC predicts Linux growth to beat all other OSes

    And we knew it would all along, too, claims research company

    Business 01 11:13

  • Gates eyes China as US pressure mounts

    He contemplated India

    Business 01 11:13

  • AOL bigger than Disney – official

    Who’s the leader of the gang that's made for you and me

    Business 01 11:15

  • Silicon Graphics Q3 loss to widen fourfold

    Senior execs prepare to fall on their swords

    Business 01 11:28

  • E-business to promote European single market

    Internet will expose areas that need reform

    Business 01 11:37

  • Dixons cuts PC prices to less than £400

    PC price war escalates with high street giant's latest offer

    Business 01 11:43

  • Writs fly as Aureal countersues Creative Technologies

    A year ago Company claims it wants to fight in market, not courts

    Business 01 11:53

  • Yellow Dog ships eponymous Mac Linux distribution

    But there's still no support for the latest G3 Macs

    Business 01 11:53

  • Gang of Twelve IT CEOs takes shape

    Cisco's CEO joins HP's Platt in strange coalition but Gates left out.

    Business 01 15:52

  • Kyocera rejigs management to reverse situation

    Management changes afoot

    Business 01 16:20

  • Hitachi makes huge lay-offs

    Japanese firm bites bullet with ten per cent layoffs

    Business 01 16:22

  • Russian chip scientist Babaian outlines Elbrus future

    Everyone is afraid to compete with Intel, he says

    Business 01 16:45

  • Taiwanese firm loses Dual

    Distie goes to the wall

    Business 01 17:08