31st March 1999 Archive

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  • Register ordered to cease and desist pre-empting US joke

    This is no joke

    Business 31 00:32

  • Microsoft Web contracts tougher than Gates claims

    Story suggests Committee got inadequate answers

    Business 31 07:24

  • Celerons to go 100MHz FSB

    And the 815 chipset is dead as dodo

    Business 31 09:26

  • First MS-DoJ settlement talks fail to leak

    But any day now, somebody's going to find spinning irresistible...

    Business 31 09:32

  • Intel using Alphas for IA64 development

    And there's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil

    Business 31 09:37

  • AMD-ZD battle ramps up a notch

    3D Winbench mark "discredited"

    Business 31 09:58

  • MS demands more Sun, AOL Netscape documents

    The DoJ got lots more info than Microsoft did, apparently...

    Business 31 10:24

  • Acer anticipates big growth figures for ‘99

    Notebooks & OEM sales to lead the way, but chips could still be down

    Business 31 10:27

  • Alpha Processor Inc ramps up anti-Intel battle

    Marketing blitz set to start

    Business 31 10:28

  • VIA to debut 133MHz front side bus

    And PC-133 there too

    Business 31 10:39

  • Morse hit by dodgy spelling

    Meaty Morsel should change its name to Choosy Channel Chunks, perhaps

    Business 31 10:49

  • UK tabloid papers launch Web access for the masses

    Gor blimey, come and ‘ave a butchers at this

    Business 31 11:16

  • Y2K bug to take bite out of Japan tomorrow

    New financial year could herald big problems

    Business 31 11:21