30th March 1999 Archive

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  • Yields rise at AMD but so do rumours

    .25 micron process up to speed again

    Business 30 Mar 07:09

  • More bovver hits Hyundai-LG deal

    The path to true merger is never smooth...

    Business 30 Mar 07:19

  • Serial numbers unmask Melissa author

    FBI is on the case

    Business 30 Mar 07:26

  • AMD scores Compaq notebook win

    Prosignia notebooks use cheap, fast K6-2s

    Business 30 Mar 07:35

  • Linux and the kitchen sink to blame for Register downtime

    Careless Wisper

    Business 30 Mar 13:02

  • Gates interviews – more rewrites of history from Bill

    Softball is the name of the game as he pushes his new book

    Business 30 Mar 13:21

  • ‘Leading’ PC vendor to bundle Corel WordPerfect

    Is it Compaq? And is it more than a bundling deal?

    Business 30 Mar 13:25

  • Gates promo tour cost to exceed book revenues

    Graham reviews it, but says it's 'dull and unreadable.' So maybe he didn't read it then?

    Business 30 Mar 13:26

  • IBM PC group dons hair shirt

    We're committed to ThinkPads and PCs, honest

    Business 30 Mar 13:29

  • Analysis: Who wins from the Qualcomm-Ericsson deal?

    They may not be fighting any more, but neither of the new CDMA partners looks that healthy

    Business 30 Mar 13:30

  • Palmer to walk into AMD wardrobe?

    The man has expensive tastes

    Business 30 Mar 13:31

  • Future of Alpha chip revealed

    Snakes alive! ProLiants sail and crawl on belly

    Business 30 Mar 13:31

  • MS reorg – so how many divisions was that?

    But why the delay? Surely not to avoid eclipsing Bill's Bookish Adventure?

    Business 30 Mar 13:33

  • States push for shackles on MS in settlement talks

    It looks like Bill & Co will be facing some tough demands

    Business 30 Mar 13:40

  • Now IDT takes Socket 370 route

    But the K7 couldn't, could it. Super Seven dead?

    Business 30 Mar 13:47

  • Now Compaq tipped to buy AMD

    It makes more sense than IBM, doesn't it?

    Business 30 Mar 13:58

  • Overseas gamblers to take advantage of William Hill site

    Tax-free betting site is closed to UK punters though

    Business 30 Mar 14:08

  • Peer of the realm lets public peer at his love life online

    It’s not just the lions of Longleat that are rampant, it seems

    Business 30 Mar 14:09

  • UK tax-free savings hit by computer glitch

    New accounts will face delay of up to a month

    Business 30 Mar 14:11

  • Ziff-Davis rejigs benchmarks after AMD complaint

    Seems like an anomaly means 3DWinmarks don't compare apples with apples

    Business 30 Mar 14:11

  • Citrix adds new tiers to accreditation scheme

    Resellers can go for gold, or silver if they prefer

    Business 30 Mar 14:18

  • Memsolve and Roldec await outcome of meetings

    Time to stand up and be counted as channel players face the music

    Business 30 Mar 14:26

  • Mystery litigation hits humour sites

    April Fool is past and gone -- you're the fool and we are none...

    Business 30 Mar 14:29

  • Chipzilla gets all arty

    Just say no to Intel Web sites

    Business 30 Mar 14:48

  • Computacenter wins Microsoft service gong

    Joins top table

    Business 30 Mar 16:32

  • Citrix chairman receives Order of the Vulture

    Prestigious pin gets pinned on prestigious lapel

    Business 30 Mar 17:19

  • Where is Compaq going on the software front?

    Forget the MIPS and chips, watch how the software plates spin

    Business 30 Mar 18:15

  • Microsoft UK's PR screws up on IE5 . Big time

    Something wrong in the state of WA?

    Business 30 Mar 20:43

  • Melissa virus author is hacker too

    Virus or sexually transmitted disease?

    Business 30 Mar 23:01