29th March 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq rolls out stealth selling plans

    And don't forget, you are part of it

    Business 29 06:31

  • UK falls behind in US patent crush

    Slips to fifth place

    Business 29 06:55

  • How Compaq views the ‘real’ world

    Eckhard Pfeiffer opens kimono for internal consumption only

    Business 29 07:22

  • Blair condemns kids to life of everlasting Cobol

    Eight months work and then what?

    Business 29 07:29

  • Microsoft forces IE5 downloads for W2000 beta users

    Now if only it worked...

    Business 29 07:48

  • Win64 order of boot expected RSN

    It's either WinHEC or Compaq Innovate

    Business 29 08:15

  • Apple dealer bombed

    Beware geeks, Greeks or Serbians bearing bombs

    Business 29 09:54

  • Amazon.com to launch auction service

    Takes the fight to eBay, offers protection against fraud for customers

    Business 29 10:12

  • Security lapse hits Nintendo site

    Would-be shoppers names, addresses available

    Business 29 10:32

  • Melissa virus threatens to bring email to a halt

    Updated Distributes porn chain letter and infects Word documents

    Business 29 10:34

  • Universal, BMG team up on Net music

    Major labels' deal mirrors Sony/EMI agreement

    Business 29 11:38

  • Cyber-sex surfers suffer from porn addiction

    You could get eye-strain, but you’re more likely to get hooked or even RSI

    Business 29 11:44

  • Accounting rules force Intel chip disclosures

    No wonder Compaq and Dell are important to Chipzilla

    Business 29 12:03

  • Red Hat to bundle Metrowerks' CodeWarrior for Linux

    IDE to ship with Red Hat Linux and in standalone GNU, Pro editions

    Business 29 12:21

  • Cygnus unveils official Linux PSX2 development tools

    Sony to bundle GNUPro for PlayStation 2 with its hardware target system

    Business 29 12:45

  • Compaq outlines low end Linux strategy

    It's a big brother, little brother relationship, leaving Merced where?

    Business 29 13:45

  • Iridium gets 60 day reprieve

    Hello, who's speaking please?

    Business 29 14:02

  • 3Com to can SAN plan

    Product development brought to a halt to save R&D spend

    Business 29 14:47

  • New Joisey company steals IBM's pearls

    Or could it be IBM took it?

    Business 29 15:22

  • Embedded systems set to beat Y2K bug after all

    A case of much ado about nothing?

    Business 29 15:26

  • Crash death Micromuse founder drugged and raped model – allegedly

    Former model tells of ordeal at hands of Chris Dawes

    Business 29 15:45

  • AMD-Compaq Alpha plans draw closer

    Slot B takes care of all concerns

    Business 29 15:54

  • City says buy Morse, sell Computacenter

    It’s a tale of two dealers, but is the giant of the channel about to be over-shadowed by the stock market newcomer

    Business 29 16:30

  • Microsoft divides into five business groups

    Anticipated reorganisation prepares company for post-DoJ world

    Business 29 21:56

  • Intel's Barrett a director of thin clients

    Would anyone care to tell us why?

    Business 29 23:21