26th March 1999 Archive

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  • How to crash Bill's parties

    The Register's tech support team offers tips for illiterary types seeking signed Gates books

    Business 26 07:36

  • Obituary: Pentium MMX nearly dead. Celeron barely alive

    Market reacts to cut-down processor with obloquy

    Business 26 08:31

  • WinChip2 300 pix make it to WWW

    More chip hardcore looms on site

    Business 26 08:40

  • JC analyses K7 in depth

    Them pins, them pins, them gold pins

    Business 26 08:57

  • MS-DoJ deal talks scheduled for Tuesday

    But from what we hear of Microsoft's 'offer,' it doesn't look good

    Business 26 09:58

  • Intel goes hell for leather to hire Merced staff

    What's the latest Merced, and what's the earlier one?

    Business 26 11:22

  • UMC to build 12-inch wafer fab

    Orders up, company says

    Business 26 11:34

  • MS planning shedloads of Windows NT variants

    Cunning marketing plan to convince you it's not one size fits all really

    Business 26 11:41

  • London is the capital of digital Europe – official

    Nice to know we’re among friends

    Business 26 11:49

  • UK consortium plunges $7 million into Korean anti-Microsoft firm

    Bids to enter Internet market

    Business 26 11:49

  • Class action blizzard snows AMD

    More cases precipitate

    Business 26 11:53

  • Sony, EMI team up on Net music development

    Major labels backing for Sony's MagicGate technology?

    Business 26 12:03

  • Mystery litigation hits IBM, Apple

    What can be going on?

    Business 26 12:26

  • NatSemi to integrate LCDs, solar panels

    That's a bright idea

    Business 26 12:43

  • Memory Corp buys out Datrontech memory business

    Claws some money back with Direct Rambus licence

    Business 26 12:53

  • Online auctioneer plans $1 billion IPO

    eBay gum, that’s a lot of cash

    Business 26 13:05

  • IE download numbers scam – how it worked

    And how MS spinmeisters plagiarised the fatal press release without noticing the discrepancy

    Business 26 13:29

  • Intel licks stamps.com with money

    More investment dosh for Broadlogic too...

    Business 26 13:37

  • Lotus Notes/Domino R5 to ship at last

    More than a year late, but at least by now it should be free of bugs

    Business 26 14:45

  • FreeServe passes confidential customer info to PC World

    ISP helps sister company peddle hardware to its subscribers

    Business 26 15:05

  • Demon libel loss could cripple Internet free speech

    ISP will appeal High Court ruling

    Business 26 16:04

  • Troubled ilion sees last year’s profit turn into losses

    Many excuses given but no real light at the end of the tunnel yet

    Business 26 16:39

  • IBM chooses Manchester United as reference site

    Do they realise what they're doing?

    Business 26 16:52

  • Merced project in utter disarray

    Architect spills IA-64 beans. The thing isn't taped out yet. That's the reason for "babes in the wood"

    Business 26 17:21

  • Web site fails to pull channel business online

    Weak reception for zygonet.com

    Business 26 17:22