25th March 1999 Archive

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  • Lou Gerstner's IBM loses it on ThinkPads, PCs

    $1 billion loss as Boots warns about WWW.SOMETHING.COM

    Business 25 07:41

  • AMD K7 ripped asunder on Japanese site

    Technicians abuse the part and K6-III cuts in offing

    Business 25 08:02

  • A year ago: Intel, Compaq sail in choppy seas

    Great Stans less buoyant than before

    Business 25 08:16

  • Germany contemplates its IT navel

    Schadenfreude, angst? German IT leaders got the lot

    Business 25 10:17

  • Gates trails antitrust deal – but is he stalling again?

    He claims talks, the states say nay, so is MS spinning?

    Business 25 11:00

  • Blast from the Past: AMD powered missile hits Intel HQ in Baghdad

    Has AMD fixed the Tomahawk timer chip yet?

    Business 25 11:19

  • South Koreans march against Bill Gates

    Move follows Korean FTC probe

    Business 25 11:36

  • Surplus of SDRAM causes memory slump

    Rambus a good way off yet

    Business 25 12:10

  • Ericsson, Qualcomm settle CDMA differences

    Qualcomm CDMA biz bought by Ericsson

    Business 25 12:23

  • AOL tight-lipped as jobs are slashed

    It’s only hanging on to the talented people, it seems

    Business 25 12:33

  • Egg and BT ClickFree to sell Fujitsu PCs

    Japanese vendor continues to shun the high street

    Business 25 12:37

  • Dismemberment of Toshiba DRAM biz continues

    High end technology flies to Taiwan's Winbond

    Business 25 12:44

  • Compaq to open multi-million Taiwan plant

    It's all to do with that supply management stuff

    Business 25 12:58

  • Compaq and Dell slug it out in war of words

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee agreed to have a battle; For Tweedledum said Tweedledee had spoiled his nice new rattle

    Business 25 13:27

  • Corel pedals through product cycle lows

    But will Q2 be any better?

    Business 25 14:17

  • Motorola to license M-Core processor

    Upcoming "major" licensing programme could shift Motorola chips into open source world

    Business 25 15:16

  • Music industry sues MP3 search engine developer

    Engine host Lycos looks set to be taken to court too

    Business 25 15:50

  • Secret pact between Compaq, MS revealed

    We've heard about Win64, but what about NT 8 VMS?

    Business 25 16:25

  • Is Slot B on the AMD K7 copper, or what?

    What is the nature of this Alpha deal

    Business 25 16:34

  • Apple to back Linux with dedicated manager

    Mac maker seeks hard working executive to ensure Linux runs great on its CPUs. Non-smoker preferred

    Business 25 16:48

  • The Register trapped in Yugoslav pincer movement

    And we do care...

    Business 25 17:08

  • Luftwaffe rises as SAP falls

    It's called irony

    Business 25 17:19

  • UK high street clueless about Web

    Failing shareholders and customers alike by playing the ostrich

    Business 25 17:21

  • The Register tests negative for Gates London meet

    Microsoft chief here to sign copies of his new book tomorrow.. but don’t tell anyone

    Business 25 17:27

  • Intel semi serious about cars

    It worxx, it really does...

    Business 25 17:56