24th March 1999 Archive

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  • Intel steps up Microsoft-Merced recruitment drive

    Redmond a port in any storm

    Business 24 10:37

  • SGI ramps Linux route

    Jobs for the OSS boys

    Business 24 10:40

  • IBM signs licence for ARM7

    Deal gives ARM entree to custom solutions market

    Business 24 10:40

  • More Alpha details seep from Compaq sieve

    Pfeiffer's NDAs obviously don't bite like Intel's

    Business 24 10:42

  • Schmidt at Brainshare: Novell gunning for MS

    And apparently someone's still running NetWare 2.0, nine years on. Is this a (78 rpm) record?

    Business 24 10:53

  • You don’t have to be mad to work in IT, but it helps

    Survey catches glimpse of what life is like for the staff of the hi-tech world

    Business 24 11:07

  • Yahoo! scraps charge for Web access in UK

    Portal giant may take free service into other countries

    Business 24 11:27

  • Free Web access war between the bookworms

    Waterstone’s steals WH Smith’s thunder by rushing forward service

    Business 24 11:30

  • Intel a monopoly – official

    AMD just forgot to tell us

    Business 24 12:09

  • MacOS X technology comes early with QuickTime for Java

    Brings Java a mature multimedia platfrom and paves way for Java-based MacOS app development

    Business 24 12:12

  • Just Fancy That!

    Shurely shome coinshidenshe...

    Business 24 12:18

  • More ISP giveaways hit the high street

    Throw in a fat bloke in a red suit and we can call it Christmas

    Business 24 12:25

  • 3Com Q4 results up tenfold

    But still disappointing, said company execs

    Business 24 12:38

  • Web site reveals speed camera locations

    UK drivers can look forward to years of happy, high speed motoring – but look out for that tree

    Business 24 12:49

  • Samsung to pick Amazon.com's brains, officially

    Amazon.com parachutes in 'advisors' to aid Samsung's Korean online sales

    Business 24 12:49

  • UK man convicted of cyberstalking

    Hell hath no fury like an anorak scorned

    Business 24 13:03

  • Infogrames grabs Gremlin for £22.9 million

    French games publisher takes over ailing British developer

    Business 24 13:11

  • Koreans raise the Anti-Microsoft standard

    Save our software - first published 10 July 1998

    Business 24 14:09

  • Chinese state software company to take on Microsoft

    Local OS will force MS to cut Chinese WinCE prices, apparently

    Business 24 14:49

  • Sun to find home for ex-Netscapers

    New software divisions will employee staff made redundant by AOL

    Business 24 14:59

  • Ex-AltaVista staff set sights on new horizon

    Launch application for remote office access via Web

    Business 24 15:33

  • IBM capitulates to EMC

    Battle of storage giants ends with Big Blue the loser

    Business 24 15:46

  • Electronics Boutique latest to offer free Web service

    More free ISPs than you can shake a modem at

    Business 24 15:53

  • LG scores big flat screen win with Dixons

    To be seen in your high street RSN

    Business 24 15:59

  • UK .gov slammed for cheap PC idea

    Problem is phone calls too expensive. Doh.

    Business 24 16:17

  • Intel Xeon problems found on Japanese site

    Stone the crows and strike us pink

    Business 24 16:30

  • Mystery Intel litigation found on WWW

    Just who are all these people?

    Business 24 16:55

  • WH Smith teams up with Microsoft, BT for free ISP service

    But you'll still have to pay for the books

    Business 24 17:08