23rd March 1999 Archive

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  • LSI promises 233 million transistor system-on-a-chip

    High integration strategy for combo consumer devices

    Business 23 08:09

  • AMD thrashes Intel, again

    Bashes chip giant in US retail market

    Business 23 08:22

  • Compaq Merced designers flee coop

    "A big dress up for a party that never happened"

    Business 23 09:27

  • Rumours of MS settlement hype from shareholders

    Will Bill Gates resign?

    Business 23 09:38

  • Intel to slash Pentium III prices on 11 April

    Meanwhile, PII/333 will enter chip gulag

    Business 23 09:45

  • Intel-FTC settlement ignores price fork

    Important issues still need airing

    Business 23 10:07

  • Yahoo bid rumour boosts Broadcast.com share price

    Portal giant to snap-up content provider

    Business 23 11:46

  • Sub-$600 PCs see massive growth

    Latest PC Data stats show sales of ultra-cheap PCs have grown 657 per cent

    Business 23 11:50

  • VA Research buys IBM's favoured Linux consultancy

    Hardware company to use Electric Lichen to bolster marketing efforts

    Business 23 12:15

  • Consumer bulk buying to rattle channel’s cage

    Web-based purchase plan seeks big discounts by going direct

    Business 23 12:34

  • MS to unveil digital music delivery system next month

    MP3-killer music format plus rights management software to be integrated into Windows 2000

    Business 23 12:46

  • Sony to offer music downloads by satellite

    But it's more about selling MiniDisc players and satellite TV subs than MP3

    Business 23 13:18

  • Dell hit by Far Eastern competition

    Other big names will suffer

    Business 23 13:26

  • iMac famine paves way for newer, cheaper version

    Apple appears to be entering inventory clearing mode

    Business 23 13:39

  • Kyocera hit by Xerox writ at CeBIT

    Row over consumables hits show floor

    Business 23 14:10

  • Sun's Serengeti brain dead yeti?

    It's veldt it's not Starfire compatible

    Business 23 15:23

  • Lycos takes on Korea

    Produces localised content

    Business 23 15:42

  • Attack of the Killer Laptops

    You too can have neck strain, musculo-skeletal injuries, more stress, and an increased risk of getting mugged

    Business 23 16:00

  • Mobile phones fry your brains

    European Parliament want health warnings for brain cell phones

    Business 23 17:15

  • Madame Tussaud's makes a dummy out of Bill Gates

    And you really won't be able to tell the difference

    Business 23 17:24

  • Sony confirms Linux to be PSX2 development platform

    Open source OS ousts Windows for official PlayStation 2 development hardware, tools

    Business 23 17:30

  • MSN offers free house with $125,000 PC

    Mortgage your future with Microsoft

    Business 23 17:50

  • Lou Gerstner not short of a bob or two…

    But still fails to execute on his boots

    Business 23 18:58

  • PC industry optimism at ‘five year high’

    Has Deloitte and Touche gone mad?

    Business 23 19:39