22nd March 1999 Archive

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  • Those Rise pix from CeBIT 99

    Fabless startup to partner with STMicroelectronics

    Business 22 09:26

  • Register gets first ABC figures

    Just a hairsbreadth short of 1.4 million page views in February

    Business 22 11:32

  • Microsoft courts UK banks for online love-in

    Joint online banking initiative to boost market

    Business 22 12:00

  • Internet is a tool for democracy, says UK government

    But home Web use still lags behind

    Business 22 12:19

  • DoJ-Microsoft split to happen on 29 March?

    Split likely to cause flurry in share dealing

    Business 22 12:43

  • Scottish businesses targeted by anti-piracy hoaxers

    BSA and FAST named in fake letter

    Business 22 12:58

  • Micromuse founder killed in F1 smash

    Drugs bust millionaire and two others die in tragic accident

    Business 22 13:25

  • CE Motor had no wheels

    Huge stand, but where's the beef?

    Business 22 16:07

  • Pole recognised by the Polizei

    He had to get back to Warsaw...

    Business 22 16:11

  • Emoticons pollute Philips mobiles

    Our Graham is not a fan

    Business 22 16:13

  • Viking Helmets made the grade

    All points north, we thought...

    Business 22 16:18

  • CeBIT 99: Thin clients cache in

    As American as Applet Pie

    Business 22 16:22

  • Sun pursues wild beasts to the Serengheti

    Will they all end up in a COMA, we wonder

    Business 22 16:24

  • Intel's Maloney makes funny smell reference to wind and bums

    Estrange, but true

    Business 22 16:34

  • CeBIT 99: Let German speak unto American

    Our Graham awards top marks for remarkable L&H demo

    Business 22 16:39

  • Aunty Beeb to hold Net classes

    BBC to show Joe Public what the Web is all about

    Business 22 16:40

  • This is the time for takeover Action

    Rumours of US-led acquisition surround mail order dealer

    Business 22 16:44

  • Netscape staff wait to see who’s for the chop

    AOL started off offering an extra month’s pay to get them to stay – so much for loyalty

    Business 22 17:04

  • Iomega flogs off Ditto

    Tape back-up line sold for $3 million

    Business 22 17:13

  • AOL/Sun deal gets Tandem knickers in a twist

    The problem is which servers they use...

    Business 22 17:19

  • Jobs to go as CHS sees poor results

    Weak Q4 and full year blamed on vendor rebate problems

    Business 22 17:45

  • UK company launches portable MP3 player

    MP3-GO aimed at hi-fi market rather than PC users

    Business 22 18:02

  • Baan shareholders slam non-exec packages

    Board ignores criticism

    Business 22 18:08