19th March 1999 Archive

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  • UK cellular outfit to deploy fast data system next year

    Not 3G, but Ericsson's GPRS will enable the wireless Web for One2One

    Business 19 09:57

  • MS threatened by Euro privacy probe

    Sweden thinks Redmond might have broken the law already. Oh dear...

    Business 19 10:00

  • How to say goodbye to those Win98 ID number blues

    MS issues patches, and a rip it out of your machine procedure does the rest...

    Business 19 10:02

  • Software pirates scuppered by Y2K

    Huge swathes of world economy at risk, Business Week reports

    Business 19 10:21

  • CeBIT 99: The new mobile phones – what's hot and what's not

    Our man on the GSM hot-spot hands out the gongs for presentation and star quality

    Business 19 10:28

  • CeBIT attendance numbers up – honest

    It's just we built more space between the people, says The Management

    Business 19 10:41

  • CeBIT 99: Rise CEO confirms S370 chip on way

    Speculation mounts on fab partner

    Business 19 11:01

  • Dane-Elec introduces stacking 3D modules

    Stack em up for more density

    Business 19 11:25

  • Cisco chief pans Ascend takeover

    Mathematical odds are that Lucent deal will fail, Chambers claims

    Business 19 11:55

  • Bookstore takes a pop at Amazon’s share price

    Aims to burst over-inflated Web stock bubble

    Business 19 11:59

  • Cisco CEO berates British education system

    UK not training people for where the jobs are, Chambers says

    Business 19 12:33

  • ‘Ethical’ Cisco will avoid anti-trust concerns

    And win even more market share, Chambers tells The Times

    Business 19 12:42

  • Cyrix outlines acquisition plans, strategy

    But forced to change code-names

    Business 19 14:48

  • Memorex pencils 2001 for CD-ROM funeral

    DVD waits in the wings

    Business 19 15:59

  • Free Web access for schools

    Virtual community set up by UK ISP

    Business 19 16:35

  • CeBIT graced by world’s most famous man

    No, not Bill Gates - Michael Jackson

    Business 19 16:44

  • Web to take over from classroom as training venue

    Teachers' pet will soon be a mouse, no doubt

    Business 19 18:35