18th March 1999 Archive

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  • Polish shortfall may take shine out of Datrontech results

    This looks like a profit warning

    Business 18 07:42

  • Korea investigates MS over Win98 pricing

    I'll tell you what I Won, what I really really Won

    Business 18 09:42

  • MS could face French liability claim over Win98 Y2K issue

    Form an orderly queue - they're all at it, apparently...

    Business 18 09:44

  • Gates book 2: Now Bill contradicts key MS witness

    His computer systems are so great he knows everything about what's selling where. After all.

    Business 18 09:47

  • AMD kicks butt with 600MHz K7 demo

    Processor to take Intel head-on

    Business 18 10:43

  • Novell wins copyright case against ISP

    Belgian service provider told he has legal duty to police user activity

    Business 18 11:54

  • Free ISP mania hits US

    UK plague goes stateside - first we sent them The Beatles, now this...

    Business 18 12:16

  • Chipzilla strikes back with 800MHz PIII Xeon overclock

    Intel attempts to queer AMD pitch

    Business 18 13:25

  • Users smash up PCs in outbreaks of network rage

    Survey reveals mice are frequently assaulted – cables ripped out, balls stomped on etc

    Business 18 14:01

  • Siemens to spin off chip business

    Flotation hopes for sinking chip concern

    Business 18 14:53

  • CDR shortages to hit Europe this summer

    Falling prices to blame as demand goes through the ceiling

    Business 18 15:21

  • Intel breaching spirit of FTC deal already?

    Depends if you reckon the FTC Order is technical info it's impeding dissemination of...

    Business 18 15:25

  • CeBIT numbers in steep decline

    The numbers are thin, indeed

    Business 18 15:31

  • Cyrix claims huge retail win in UK, now

    Romtec figures say it all

    Business 18 15:34

  • Kodak digicameras in big lay off in Heidelberg

    Jobs must go

    Business 18 15:38

  • Euro blighters block anti-spam fighters

    First vote to stop unsolicited email fails

    Business 18 15:46

  • Official: Win98 new version to ship in Q3

    And is this a browser we see disintegrating itself slowly at version 5.0?

    Business 18 16:06

  • Hooray, hooray, it’s IE5 release day

    Great Satan of Software releases latest browser to a waiting world

    Business 18 16:28

  • CeBIT 99: Cisco praises Singapore, bitches about Europe

    And what about all those politicos queuing for photos with Gates?

    Business 18 17:05