17th March 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq re-visiting Merced strategy

    Chip dead, or just in a deep swoon

    Business 17 07:02

  • CeBIT 98: The Bootnotes of Lou

    At The Register, we take no prisoners

    Business 17 07:31

  • Symbian to KO Microsoft at CeBIT?

    If some more big outfits announce support, the war could be over before Redmond fires the first shot

    Business 17 07:51

  • Apple offers open source for Mac OS X Server

    But for the moment, the company is pursuing a twin track strategy

    Business 17 07:53

  • AMD hires as it fires

    Looking for motherboard designers

    Business 17 08:07

  • Shannon declares Chipzilla Open Source word

    Generous gesture by DEC watcher

    Business 17 08:16

  • Samsung ramps 256M SDRAMs in volume

    Price will drop to just over $100/part in '99

    Business 17 09:09

  • Chipzilla becomes caring, sharing dinosaur

    FTC deal details expected today

    Business 17 09:56

  • Register Message Forums open for biz

    Debate on ISPs kicks off show

    Business 17 10:17

  • Intel Celeron 433 to arrive Monday

    Move to deck Slot One accelerated

    Business 17 10:25

  • Roldec rolls over

    Liquidators to be appointed on 31 March

    Business 17 13:17

  • Royal E-Mail backs security service with £100K bond

    Postman Pat and his black and white secure ecommerce system

    Business 17 13:20

  • Order your virtual drinks for St Patrick's Day

    Now you can be a plastic Paddy online

    Business 17 13:30

  • AOL Europe fights back against free ISPs

    Plans revolve around new Portal strategy

    Business 17 17:41

  • Intel escapes FTC noose

    FTC levels playing field for litigious rivals

    Business 17 18:06

  • CeBIT: Microsoft ‘licensed Java to kill Netscape’, McNealy claims

    Three drops of poison

    Business 17 18:17

  • Sun and Symbian strike EPOC Java deal

    Momentum grows in the 'stop CE' camp

    Business 17 19:12

  • Sun doesn't have an earthly with UltraSparc III til Q2, 2000

    Tape out will not beat Compaq Alpha roll out

    Business 17 22:47